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With the growth of smartphones and tablet users, it is logic that more and more people intend to enjoy watching movie or TV shows with their devices. In this hi-tech era, such a kind of that thing is possible to do; you can update your life daily while lying on the bed or in the move. With the device on your hands, you watch TV shows and movies easily by installing certain stream apps.

Here are 3 top stream apps for Android to fill your cinematic needs and it`s free :

IMDB Movies and TV (Free) :

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is an absolute must-have stream app on your device. It has the most comprehensive source of film info, making it absolutely essential for film lovers. It is quite helpful to track show times at the local cinema, check out new gossips and trivia about your favorite movie stars and shows as well as watch the trailer of the upcoming films. This app also lets the users to buy movies straight from Amazon right away.

Netflix (Free) :

Netflix is one of the biggest name on streaming TV shows as well as movies. You should register to its subscription service to gain access to unlimited amount of films and TV programs to stream on your device. The highlight of this app is that it allows you to start watching a film on one device and continue watching it on another. New titles are being added daily, so you won`t run out good movies to watch.

GetGlue (Free) :

GetGlue is also a popular app that lets you check-in movies, TV shows and music. This app allows you to chat with friends while watching TV. You are also allowed to view what your friends are watching. If you subscribe to this app, you can view personalized recommendations and unlock stickers and discounts.

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