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Two easiest methods to turn any song as android ringtone

The Smartphone let the users to perform various operations within few seconds and the convenient of usage is very high in this model when comparing Java or Symbian phones. That’s why the Smartphone has become as hit and it operates using different platforms such as Windows, Android, Apple iOS and Blackberry. However, the Android is the most favorite choice for majority of the gadget lovers because it is user-friendly and let the users to access plenty of applications. 

two easiest method to turn any song as android ringtone

The android smartphones let the users to create custom setting and this facility is not available with other Operating Systems. Similarly, the users can download millions of app from the Google Playstore and it accepts the installation for unknown source too. 

Set your favorite song as ringtone:

The settings of the android phones are very simple and the users can make their favorite song as ringtone. Here, the users can learn How to turn any song into a ringtone on your Android phone by using 2 methods. 

Method 1: Using the Computer
The users can get ringtone from the music websites or they can save the audio file like MP3 on their computer and can make it as their android ringtone. The ringtone should be min 30 seconds and if it is more than the duration, it can be trimmed using 3rd party software. The users need to connect their device using USB cable and need to open the device’s storage.

The Ringtone Folder location will differ by phone. So, the users need to identify it or need to create a new one. The chosen song needs to be copied on that folder and then the device needs to be disconnected. Finally, the users need to go Settings->Ringtone & Notification->Phone Ringtone. After clicking the option, the users need to find and select the song using the File manager option. 

Method 2: Using an application:
Making a ringtone using the 3rd party software is an easiest way because the users can trim the song as they wish. 

two easiest methods to turn an song as android ringtone
  • The users can download the app like Ringtone Maker from Google Play Store and then need to install the same on their device. 

  • If the song is not available on the device, the users need to initially copy the song in ringtone folder .

  • Then users need to open the app and Browse the song using File Manager. After selecting the song, the users need to click on Edit.

  • By using the sliders, the users can adjust the track and can turn it as their favorite tone. If the song is only 30 seconds, they no need trim it again. 

  • After completing the Edit process, the users need to Save the song and name the ringtone. 

  • Finally, the users need to set the song by tapping settings->phone ringtone-> ringtone. 

These are the two easiest ways to set any song as ringtone. So, the users who like to know How to turn any song into a ringtone on your Android phone can try any one of the above. 

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