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Top 5 Android new Themes apps for your Smartphones

Android is undoubtedly the most preferred operating system for smartphones. One of the reasons why Android is cut above the rest is that it allows you to completely customize its homescreen by adding widgets, live wall papers and also by using themes that to some extent enhances the appeal of the phone. You can find tons of Android themes on the Google Play Store. Here is our Best Android theme apps: 

best android themes

1. Symbian Theme : Download

Symbian is one of the oldest operating systems for mobile phones. A majority of the phones developed by Nokia runs on various versions of Symbian OS. Symbian^3 is the latest version of Symbian OS. It is available on recently released phones like Nokia C6, C7, E6, E7, N8, and so on. Symbian^3 is quite intuitive and loyal Nokia users still prefer it over Android. You can download the Symbian theme on your phone to make your phone appear like a feature-rich Nokia phone.

2. Ubuntu Theme : Download

Ubuntu OS which is designed for desktop computers is an aesthetically pleasing OS. All the user-end elements of the OS such as wallpapers, icons, and transition are very well-designed. If you use an Ubuntu computer, you will find the OS to be so impressive that you will desire to use it on your devices like tablet PCs and smartphones running on Android. Download the Ubuntu theme and give your phone a refreshing new appeal.

 3. Mac OS Theme : Download

Yet another desktop computer OS which has been designed brilliantly is the Mac OS which runs on systems developed by Apple, Inc. The stunning silver appeal of the Mac OS enhances the beauty of all the PCs manufactured by Apple. You can download Mac OS theme to accentuate the beauty of your Android phone.

4. Apple iOS Theme : Download

If you search on the web for Apple iOS themes for Android, you will find hundreds of beautiful themes. You can install the iOS theme to make your phone resemble an iPhone. The icons, homescreen, notification bar, transition animation and the intuitive GUI of iOS can be experienced on your Android phone by downloading and using the iOS theme.

5. Windows Phone Theme : Download

Windows Phone is one of the most intuitive OS. The Metro style tiles make it easier to manage content on a Windows Phone. The Windows Phone theme comes with animated icons, background sounds for icons and transition, tiles, and amazing wallpapers. Give your phone a complete new look by installing the beautiful Windows Phone theme.

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