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Top 10 hottest new technology products from CES 2016

In this New Year 2016, thousands of new and innovative technology products launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Such new technology products made a great impression on more than 150, 000 visitors from over 150 countries. Here are the top ten hottest technology products which impressed more numbers of visitors at the past Las Vegas event .

top 10 hottest new technology product

Top 5 technology products at CES 2016:

Huawei watch –  

Smart watches maintain to be an important theme heading into the 2016 event, and China’s Huawei smart watch has many handsome offerings than others. This watch is too elegant and running Google’s Android wear software. This smart watch is specially aimed at the women. It is considered as a watch jewel because it has over 68 Swarovski zirconia crystals surrounding its unique circular 42 mm body. 

Hexoskin – 

Wearables also maintain to be big with the entrepreneurs and companies accurately trying to cover every body part with the sensors and connectivity. Montreal’s Hexoskin launched a new and smart shirt that measures breathing and cardiac activity of its wearers. This technology invented shirt actually works better than the oldest wrist worn fitness trackers in all activities like boxing, sports, and martial arts.
Lego education – 

Innovative toys always hit popularity at CES every year even though they are educational based toys. Lego aims for with its new WeDo 2.0 kit to introduce the children in Grades 2 to 4 to the simple programming. A sort of slimmed down Lego version of full mind storms robotic toys has very good attraction this year

HTC Vive Pre – 

Virtual reality was really very big tech news at this year’s 2016 CES event. Many companies are showing numerous styles and models of controllers, applications, and headsets in this Las Vegas event. HTC in Taiwan is one of the best companies leading a charge with its unique 2ndgeneration Vive Pre headset that is very comfortable and more compact to use.

3D Rudder – 

Movement within the virtual reality is still a very big issue which many start-ups are looking to solve. 3D Rudder technology product submitted by France has a round and skateboard like platform that allows users more backward and forward, up and down, and side to side. 

Other 5 CES 2016 hottest tech products:

Drones – 

Drones are also known as unmanned systems. It inspires many numbers of visitors at this event.
Faraday future – 

California’s Faraday furniture is the next generation car emerging from the stealth mode. As it is a self driving electric vehicle, it impressed so many people.

Droppler – 

Dropper is a unique idea of technology product launched at the CES. California’s Nascent objects launched it to measure water consumption by listening the noise of the water taps.

4K TVs – 

Ultra high definition 4 K TVs are picking up stream with almost all the popular manufacturers. Tracking firm IHS is expecting global sales because of the greater response at this event.

4K Blu-ray –

When it comes to the tech news of Blu-ray products, Phillips and Samsung were two major companies launched Blu-ray devices at CES. 

Image source : CBCNEWS

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