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Tips on how to back up data on android phone

Android is the most popular and new generation mobile operating system being used by over 80 % of the smart phones. From the release to still now, there are so many versions launched in the android operating system. Most of the mobile users also prefer buying smart phone powered by the latest android OS. 

When it comes to the mobile phone, almost all users store many photos, videos, and all other important data for their usage. It will be heartbroken experience if your android phone was stolen or missed. All your text messages, photos, contacts, videos, and all other valuable data are gone. To prevent this unwanted scenario, you need to learn how to back up data on android phone. It is very simple but effective to protect your data on the smart phone.

how to back up data on android phone.

Backing up data to the cloud storage: 

When you are having smart phone powered by the android operating system, you need to follow these steps to back up all your important data on the cloud environment .

  • On your smart phone, go to settings – > Accounts and sync

  • Under accounts options, you have to make tick mark on the auto-sync data option.

  • Next, tap on the Google page. Then, get into your Gmail id to sign onto your smart mobile.

  • Then, you have to turn on all options so that all your Google related data gets synced to the cloud storage. It includes photos, videos, contacts, text messages, chrome tabs, Google fit data, calendar events, app data, and many more.

  • Now, go to settings – > backup and reset.

  • Then, you need to check back up my data

It will save app data and all your mobile’s settings including Wi-Fi passwords to your Gmail account. When you sign in using the same Google account on another smart phone, all your saved data will be automatically imported.

Manual backup to a PC:

If the smart phone users feel very hard to store your phone data on the cloud environment, you can also have a simple way of storing all important mobile data on your personal computer. You need to know how to back up data on android phone to store on the computer. 

      1   You have to plug your android smart device into the personal computer with the help of the USB  cord.
     2    Put your smart phone into the disc drive mode, and open the drive. Your mobile will appear as a connected device on the computer.

             3  Open a device, and look for the DCIM folder on the mobile space. That folder created by your smart phone contains all saved photos, videos, text messages, contacts, and all other details.
    4    You can select necessary files and drag them to copy on your personal computer.                                                                                                                                                                                              These two methods of backing up the data on your android smart phone are very simple ones to instantly get all your important data back even your phone is stolen or lost.

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