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Tips for maintaining your android mobile

In the present scenario, people are highly fascinated by the smartphones and so they like to buy them throughout the world. In fact, these smartphones are offered in different kinds of operating systems like iOS, android, windows. Among all of these operating systems, the android is the most used phones by the people around the world. In fact, the android devices enjoy a majority share in the total sales volume for all the smartphones and the tablets. Actually, this much of reach has achieved due to various things of the android. 

tips for maintaing your android mobile

In that way, the main reason for this achievement is that the android is an open source product and it allows any phone manufacture to adopt and modify it for their hardware devices. Due to the feature of the open source product, the source code of the android is available to everyone and so anyone can use them to develop the application easily to run on the android platform. In this article, you can see the android tips and tricks to use them more effectively.

Disable the notifications of the app

In most of the times, you may face the situation of getting the notifications from the unwanted app and it may irritate you. Moreover, these app notifications may also drain the battery of your phone. So, it needs to be turned off in the following manner.

You have to long press the notification on the notification bar and the app info window can be opened. There, you need to untick the show notification box to get rid of these annoying notifications.

Fix the data limit of the mobile

At some point, you may run out of monthly data limit on your mobile and you can use it without knowing it. However, you can also keep track of the usage of your data limit and also can set the data limit. So, if you have reached the fixed data limit, it will show the warning message, so that you can effectively use it.

Go to the data usage from the settings menu and set your data limit by dragging the orange line which denotes the monthly quota of your data. You can also set this data usage cycle when the month starts and ends. 

Checking for your android updates

The updated versions of android provide more features for the users and so the android users often look for the updated version. However, it can be done through your mobile when you use the following procedure.

For that purpose, you need to go to the settings of the phone and tap the about phone or tablet column. Then, you need to tap the system updates and click the ‘check now’ feature for the system updates. 

If your android version needs the update, then it will show and then you can start to update. Otherwise, it simply displays the message as ‘your phone is up to date’.  In this way, you can know about the android tips and tricks and you can know more by searching over the internet.

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