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The best ways to clear Google Search History on your Android mobile gadget

Many users of Android mobile gadgets are happy nowadays. They take advantage of the latest apps on the go.

They recommend their beloved mobile brand to their family members and friends who have planned for mobile gadget shopping.

On the other hand, they get much difficult situation when someone asked their mobile to appraise it in terms of user-friendliness, advanced features, compact size, weight and other things.  This is because they do not wish to make public their privacy related issues.

For example, they do not let anyone look at what they have searched mostly on search engines such as Google in their Smartphone.  They search for how to clear google search history on android out of harm’s way. They can focus on the following details and get the ultimate support immediately.

An up-to-date Google Search App  

If you are willing to clear the search history of Google app on your Android Smartphone, then you have to make sure that you use the latest Google Search App. You can feel free to use the Google Play Store and decide on whether your app needs any update or not.

You may wish to clear the whole search terms or a few search terms.  Once you have planned to clear only a few search items in the Google search app, then you can do it easily and immediately.

Clear one search item at one time

Touch the Google icon located on the left side in the landscape mode or Google search box in the portrait mode.  Once the screen of Google search displays, simply touch the search box for a few seconds.
Now, you can get a few search terms you have used in recent times in this app. You can focus on this list of search items and decide on what search terms have to be disappeared.

Touch the search term that you wish to clear from your Google search history. Hold it for a few seconds. Touch “OK” button in the dialog box on the subject of the “Remove from search history”.  

Clear many search items once

You may think about how to clear google search history on android on the whole at the same time. You have to open your Google account by using any browser in your Smartphone.

Now, touch “Settings” located at the browser window’s right corner.  A list of options appeared immediately in the popup menu. You have to touch “History” option in this menu.

History Screen will be appeared immediately. You can focus on search items that you have used so far. These search items along with days and times may surprise you when you look at Search History of Google at first time.

In this window, there is a checkbox button located to the right of “Remove items” button. You have to touch this checkbox button for choosing all search items present in the current page of the window. Once these items are chosen, touch “Remove items”. Now, all these search items are removed from the history .

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