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The Best 7 games to play on android tablet

For the love of horror are you bored with talking cats and angry birds? If you want some adrenaline rush in your mobile gaming life then read on. We bring you ten most horror and gruesome games which you can download on your Android phone and tablet for free. So, here we go.

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The Best 7  games to play on android tablet :


Ever thought about getting trapped in a scary ghost castle with your family? Getting the chills already! Then ‘Horror Ghost Scary Stories’ is the app for you. This game boasts of great GFX, supported by realistic scary sounds. Download this spooky paranormal castle game for free from Android store.HORROR GHOST SCARY STORIES . This is one of the best game to play on android tablet .

2. EYES :  Download

Talking about creepy games then next on the list is ‘Eyes’. For a heart pounding horror experience get this game for free and start your search for valuables in an old abandoned house. But be careful because there is something very creepy about this house. I’ve heard there are ghosts hunting for players in this house.

3. DARK STORIES : Download

This game is about a detective Gregory gifted with a special power. He is connected to the world of supernatural. He is all alone and he can see things hidden from others and solves mysterious dark cases. This game is based on dialogue system and has a huge game world. Go on download this horror game and be a ghost buster.

4. Haunted Manor 2 – Full (Xmas) : Download

HAUNTED MANOR 2 As a kid your parents always told you “stay away from the haunted manor”.  But you wanted to be brave so you’ve entered a place where anything could happen. This house will not only test your guts but also your heart, body and soul. Your mission- tame the haunted house. 

Here is the ‘Haunted Manor 2’ which will surely test your mental abilities and observation skills. So use your nerves and download this horror game for a frightening cinematic-like game experience and trust me guys this is one of the best game to play on android tablet .


Horror Movies and Trivia If you love watching horror movies then this horror game is for you. Watch classic horror movies like ‘Night of the living dead’ and ‘Horror Hotel’ for free and then play trivia puzzle games based on these movies.

6. TWISTED LANDS :  Download

 SHADOW TOWN LITE: Twisted Lands – Shadow Town Lite A beach which is beautiful from a distance but dare not to go near the water… a forest from where nobody returned… a cursed village which is creepily empty. This is a spooky game that will grip your heart and give you sleepless nights. ‘Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Lite’ features 80 locations and bloodcurdling visuals.

7. LOST IN NIGHTMARE :  Download

Lost in Nightmare Talking about nightmares the last game on our list is aptly named ‘Lost in Nightmare’. This is a horror puzzle game. Our hero in this game wakes up in some kind of school and he tries to get out of there by solving all the puzzles that he faces.

All these free android based games can be downloaded from Android Play store. So what are you waiting for get these games and start on the creepiest journey of your life .

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