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The Amazing Android Launchers for Smartphones

Boost your Smartphone with these best Android Launchers

The Amazing Android Launchers for Smartphones

A virtual personal assistant app that zests your smart phone device’s home screen is called Android Launcher.

As the Androids and Smart phones hit markets, the world is topped up with android enthusiasts.
Launchers are significant way for personalization of home screens of smart phones, tablets and androids. Most launchers apparently modifies screen transitions, fonts, icons and themes however, best ones are those, who enables users to enhance device’s behavioral usage with customize interface, tunes up detailing and app grid with personalized home screen.

For those who want to experience a change of flavor to their current home screen can consider a new android launcher, we have compiled 10 best Android Launchers that can boost your android experience.

1.) Google Launcher

Google launcher is the cleanest pick for users who want a Gmail affiliated fast and sheer experience. High standard stability and reliable android experience is provided to most of Motorola and Nexus phones come with built-in Google launcher. Quick and neat transitions with clean flow of apps and widgets with a complete Google search, location and browsing experience. Voice and hands free commands provide exquisite experience, however, a bit low level of personalization is provided on robust launchers.

2.) Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is an out of box app that provides balanced features to customize without slowing down the options list. It is perhaps most popular launcher with a good bunch of animated options, grid views and home screen behavior. It comes with free and a bit better experience with prime version. Upgrade provides corner radius border, customized badges and swipe actions.

3.) Go Launcher

A distinctively flashy launcher with wide array of 3D animated screen transitions, Go launcher is summoned with accessible drawer screen. Custom locked screens can be unlocked by purchasing Go launcher prime upgrade version with app security lock and add removal features.

4.) Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Aviate enables its udders to tweak features manually with suggestions that serves best within app. It keeps ahead with the sort of interfaces called Spaces. For instance, you hit road and navigates to provide maps and shortcuts.

5.) Apex Launcher

Apex acts as a sister app of Nova. It provides all similar ranges of features with detailed customization options. Pro version can be obtained for $4.50 where a wide range of third-party adoptable themes are offered through Google play. You can give full marks to this launcher for its functionality.

6.) Nokia Z Launcher

Z launcher works best on windows phone. It is a quick learner artificial intelligence app that behaves with your habits. Provides fast access to apps with consideration of frequency, its simplicity is appealing with neat interface.

7.) Buzz Launcher

The most appealing characteristic of Buzz Launcher is its user-created library home screen with several themes and widgets options. It is an efficient, hassle free with enthusiasm launcher to experience.

8.) Next Launcher

An eye catching 3D animated launcher, nut the consumption of battery hog keeps a step back within functionality. Impractical in my vision, however some find it helping in show off at a party out.

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