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Steps to Turn Off Heads-Up Notification on Marshmallow 6 [No Root ]

These days everyone has a smartphone but many of them do not know how to handle certain things present in that. If there is any issue in those cases, then they will struggle to solve that manually. But get to know about those things is not a big deal these days because they are having plenty of resources so that they can easily utilize them and get what they want. 

Even there are many video tutorials are available therefore the users will not have any trouble to sort out the things which are happening in the smartphones.

Most of the people today are using the smartphones which are having Android operating system. Marshmallow is the latest version in that operating system and it has an option of heads up notification. It was also present in the lollipop version and many of the users liked this feature since they could easily access the applications such as WhatsApp, facebook and others. But some of the users do not wish to have this notification option in the front and they may want to turn off that. However there is no direct way to disable that in the lollipop version. To do that the user must root the operating system.

If you are a Marshmallow user, then you can easily perform that without the need of rooting the operating system. 

The following are the steps to disable that notification:

#1 Go to the Settings and open Apps

#2 Choose the application that you want to disable or directly turn off the Heads up notification in the device. 

#3 Go to the App info page and choose the notification option.

#4 Turn off the toggle which is present for “allow peeking”.

#5 If you are having a Samsung Galaxy phone then you have to turn off the “preview in pop ups”

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