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Steps to Send any Document File with WhatsApp [Full Guide]

The WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application which is used by maximum number of people all over the world. Recently the latest version of whatsapp has been launched and there is a new option which enables the users to send and receive the PDF files in the chat. Currently this update is available for the operating systems such as iOS and android. Already the people can send images, audios, videos and contact through whatsapp. Now the latest update allows them to share the PDF files but still there is no option to send any other document files. 


However it will be very helpful if whatsapp allows the users to send all the common document types. Hence they can easily transfer the files to their contacts and they do not need to prefer mails all the time. There is a trick by which a person is able to share any document file through whatsapp. This is possible by changing the code in the file manager. By following the steps which are given below, the user can perform the trick and send any document type over whatsapp file sender

 #1 Initially the latest version of the whatsapp has to be downloaded or updated.

#2 After that go to playstore and download the ES file explorer to the device.

#3 Once it is downloaded, open it and enable the option Root Explorer.
 Navigate to data/data/com.WhatsApp/shared_prefs/com.WhatsApp_preferences.xml


 #4 Open com.WhatApp_preferences.xml with the help of ES Note editor.

#5 Now there will be a string like <string name=documents”>pdf</string>


#6 Insert the other document types in that string after the PDF and it should be like <string name=documents”>pdf,doc,docx,txt,pptx,xls</string>

#7 Once the modification is done save the file and closed the whatsapp.


#8 Now open the Whatsapp and it is possible to share any document type in the chat.


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