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Steps to root LeTV Le1s without computer or laptop

Rooting a smart phone has always been a complex work, not any more with the latest LeTV Le1s smart phone. Rooting this smart phone is easy and quick, by doing so the performance of the phone can be handled by the user to his personal preferences and the software customization can also be made to the user’s preferences. Rooting the device requires some software to be installed, the LeTV Le1s smart phone can be rooted in less than 5 minutes and that too a PC is not required for the rooting process.


Now, let’s take a look on How to root LeTV Le1s, simply follow the steps to complete the process,

1#  Check the phone for its root status, this can done by the android application called Root Checker. The process can be carried only of the device does not have root access.

2# Rooting process can be initiated with another android application called King Root. This application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and install the application on your device.

3# Once the installation process is complete, click on “try it”, the application will pass onto the home screen of the application. 

4# By clicking on “Get Now”, the king root application will immediately initiate the rooting the process, wait till the process is 100% complete, which might take a couple of minutes.

5# Once the rooting process is complete, there will be rooting success notification. Now you have a completely rooted LeTV Le1s.


6# To confirm the root, head over to the root checker application and check for the root status of the device. The application should ask for a root verification, click on “verify now”, then click on “allow”, to allow the changes that can be made by the user. This indicates that the device is rooted successfully.

7# There might be a few issues with the device, by restarting the device, the operating system will run again and the device will start functioning.

8# Then root authorization and other customization can be carried out as per the user’s desire from the King Root application.

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