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Steps to Remove Gmail Account in Android Marshmallow 6.0

Many people these days are using smartphones since they are able to do plenty things on it. But most of them are not aware of how to perform certain options in the smartphone. Different operating systems are being used in the smartphones and the options and functionalities will differ accordingly. However the user of a particular operating system has to know the basic things in it. Hence they can utilize them whenever needed. 


The smartphones are having the option to add the accounts of Gmail, facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. People can easily add those accounts in their smartphone and they are not facing any trouble in that process. But most of them are not aware of the steps which have to be done while removing an account from the phone. 

The following steps will be helpful for the smartphones users to remove the Gmail account from the smartphone. 

#1 As the first step, the user has to open the settings on their android device.

#2 After that they have open the account settings.


#3 Once it is opened, there will be different accounts of Gmail, whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc. and the user has to open the Gmail account since he wants to remove that.


#4 In the next step, he has to tap the three dots option which is present in the top right corner. 

#5 By clicking that, two options will be opened.


#6 One will be sync option and the other one will be Remove account.


#7 Now the user has to click the remove account option.

#8 The Gmail account will be removed from the device. 

These are the procedures which have to be followed while removing the account. Those who want to know about this information can make use of the above mentioned steps and remove their Gmail account easily.

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