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Steps to Recover Lost & Deleted Contacts from Android Phone

We all know that Android is the only OS that we are able to make it according to our taste means you are able Customize Your Android Home Screen, Drag any widgets to your home screen with the help of different Apps and much more whatever today topic is how to recover contacts from Android. 


Sometimes you accidentally deleted or lost your contacts or while your elder brother playing Game on your Android device and deleted contacts, or if they were lost while you were rooting your Android Smartphone, then Don’t worry your Contacts not gone too far from you, Here is a solution to recover deleted contacts

Maybe Your Contacts are not Gone too Far Sometimes the Settings of your Android Smartphone can go completely sucks, Don’t show your contacts in the Library and you comes to think that you lost your Contacts, Before you Start recovering your contacts, There is a chance that all your contacts are still on your Device, To check id that is the matter simply follow the Below Points.

#1 Open Your Contacts on your Android Smartphone.

#2  Now Open the menu present at the top right corner (three vertical dots)

#3 Now Click on the Option Contacts to Display

#4 Select the Option All Contacts If it isn’t already.

If the Option All Contacts hasn’t been checked, then this was simply the solution of your problem, However if this is not the solution of your Problem then try the below methods for recovering deleted contacts. 

Restore Android Contacts with Gmail: Most of the People Sync their Android device with their Google Account so if you have done this before then sit back and Relax now you are able to get all your contacts from Gmail backup feature that allows you to restore a backup of all your contacts, to restore a backup of your Gmail contacts simply open Gmail inbox and Click on the “Contacts” from the dropdown menu as shown Below. 

Once you see the List of your Contacts then click on the Option More to get the Dropdown menu, where you need to select the Option “Restore Contacts”, Now you have see this pop-up window on your phone screen where you have to select the “Backup” which can date back as much as 30 days, If this method is working for you Sync your device again and grab all the contacts from Gmail. 

We Hope this Tricks was helpful for you, But if you are still not able to Backup your Contacts then Simply Open your facebook profile and whatsapp account and Update Status “I recently Lost all of mine contacts, Kindly text me with your Name” , Believe me I don’t have another method to share with you guys, But I have a Suggestion for you guys that Next Time Must Sync your Android Smartphone with Google Account, So you are easily able backup your contacts if this done again accidentally, Let us know your views in the comments section.

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