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Steps to Earn online money through SHORTEN URL [PAYMENT PROOF]

Are you looking for genuine way to make money online, don’t you have a work to earn money either in physical way or digital way. 

Are you getting rejected from all your job trails? Now it’s time to earn money online in simple and genuine method, are you interestingly reading for online money making way in this blog? Here is the solution to start earning online, and here by onwards you’re searching ends here. 

Here is the online genuine way to make money : 

It is the online best to take initial step for further earnings. You need to just register and enter PayPal account details for getting payments online your physical bank account, then draw for party with friends to enjoy. 

What you have to do in this website is to just shorten Url of interesting, surprising and amazing things in online. Spread this Url to social networking groups to reach people all over the world on digital world map. 

Just shorten the Url of amazing videos from YouTube, spread it to the related groups of high members, pages, and in communities, and time lines then only you will get huge clicks and huge bucks from online into your bank account. 

Also shorten the website information Urls, news urls, etc. and publish them on social sites definitely you will get money. 

Benefits of Url shortener website :

#1 1000 views = $0.50 in India is the best and highest earnings in online. 

#2 1000 views = $2.5 from USA clicks. 

#3 1000 views = $2.75 from United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

#4 You can also earn from comments on your blog (if you have) by fetching simple tracking code into your blog by following website procedure to install. 

#5 After earning you will get paid by PayPal, pioneer and etc, ways for their customer comfortably. 

#6 Earn 20% referral highest bonus by signing up with your friends and from people all over the world. Publish referral Urls in social networking Money Making online Groups, forums, pages, and communities. Then you will get more referral amount. 

#7 You can also earn by fetching exit, entry, full script in your blog, you will earn money by automatically shortening Urls, which are in your blog . 

When you make any post with some URL, and someone viewed it, automatically count your Shorty URL in this website, and gives you money per 1000 views

Which is Urls shortening method in internet, through Entry script will show ads while you are entering into the blog in separate window. 

Exit script will show ads while you are exiting from the blog in separate window, it does not give any inconvenience to your blog readers.       

Full script will show ads, and it will interrupt your readers, so do not use it, you will lose your loyal readers. They will also provide a script to earn from your blog comments.        

I think this is the best for earning money, I searched all the ways, in online who are new to this online field, we are suggesting you to go for best. That’s it !

Note: – Only you will get 20% referral amount for every sign up with your referral URL, what provided after register.

Payement Proof : 

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