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Step to Get back your deleted notifications in Android

One of the most efficient and functional features in Android is the notification panel that shows on the top and everything can be seen whatever it is. It is quite a helpful feature for all the users that shows all important notifications on your Android phone. Today, the android notification is filling up with so many things so the user can just clear them all at once. While clearing all the notification at once, some of the important notifications also deleted that is not supposed to be dismissed. But there is an easy way available to restore the dismissed notification in Android without the hassle.

Step to get back your deleted notifications in android
Luckily, the Android kit allows the user to see some of the last notification that visible in the notification panel. To show this notification, one should need to enter the system settings and add a shortcut on the home screen. If you have accidentally deleted all the notifications, you can be easily recovered with a simple procedure. How to recover lost notifications on Android, To recover deleted notifications, first you should tap and hold on the home screen and then select shortcuts. Now, you select the settings shortcut and then select notifications. Once the icon appears on your home screen, you can open it and see the notification. 

step to get back your deleted notifications in android

Importance of recovering deleted notification in Android

Nowadays, many people fall into this situation that accidentally cleared the notification in the Android’s status bar. At this time, people don’t know about what was it SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp or any other notification. With the advancement of technology, there are some wondered recovering files and software available to get back such lost notifications in the most effective manner. However, this recovering method is required for Android Kit Kat, Android 4.3 and Lollipop. 

If you have a device with an old Android version which is below the Android 4.3, you just upgrade the operating system on your device. Because, the latest notification, recovery software is supported the Android device with latest version 4.3 OS.

If you have a latest Android version device, all you need to do is, go to the widgets and find the option “Shortcut to settings”. Now, you can put this option on your home and then select “notifications” that allows you to read the full history of all notifications.

Steps to recover the lost notification :
If you have accidentally deleted your notifications, you are able to access again on your device through Android notification history. How to recover lost notifications on Android, In fact, you will be able to get all your notifications without missing a single thing. Before recovering the notifications, you should check and upgrade your Android OS version and performed the following steps :

  • First, get an empty space on your Android home screen and then tap widgets.
  • You swipe left until you get the settings of shortcut widget.
  • Now, you long-tap the widget until it appears on home screen, then drag it to anywhere of your choice in the home screen.
  • In settings shortcut, you can scroll down the notification log and tap it.
  • Finally, the notification log will appear on your home screen, just tap it and access all your notification history.

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