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Six Android vs iPhone Posters : Show how Android Lovers Should Be Proud Of Their Device

Maggcom arrived up with these 6 Android vs Iphone posters that exhibits what issues only an Android smartphones can do. The Iphone lovers reaction to all these 6 posters will be ‘Oops’. So  android lovers, you should really be proud of yourself and your smart device and all the Apple iphone users be jealous. On the other way, how unfortunate it is that Apple will make the most highly-priced smartphone in the market but Apple iphone just cannot do these very simple things.

         1.Split Screen Multitasking


       3.Can See Files Via Bluetooth

  4.Portable storage


          5.Custom Home Lauchers     

      6.Installing Apps From Web or Anywhere


Allow us know your reason why Android is much better than Apple iphone in the comment  section  down below.

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