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Install Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress and get Higher Ranking

WordPress is a top most used platform by the Bloggers for making successful Blogs and Websites because there are many Advantages of Using WordPress for Blogging instead of using Blogger and other free tools or everyone knows that the free tools are not able to give them success because working with the WordPress highlighted you in front of the Search Engines because it provides content to the search engine in the unique way so they may indexed faster than other Web Hosting. 

best seo plugins yoast

Whatever If you are also an WordPress user you might note that Search Engine Optimization is quite easy and reliable here as compare to other platforms if you used any another before, and without SEO we are not able to get readers flying on the Search Engines for the help common it’s a joke between us that SEO is must for our Blogs So today our topic is which one is the best WordPress SEO Plugin and see also my previous post  that how to rank a keyword using SEO techniques .

What is SEO Plugin ?

Before moving towards the best SEO Plugin first you need to know what is the SEO plugin, it basically helps people that where they are following the search engine rules or where you are not following the rules, where you have to use keywords or where you not need to put keywords and some Intelligent Plugins also guides you which way is better for getting more readers on this article. 

For Example:

If your topic is  5 Best SEO Plugins for your wordpress and you never used this keyword in your post/description/First Paragraph then it seems like your article is not according to your title and this is the major reason why most of the articles written by you with great concentration not indexed or not ranked by the Search Engines.

Let me Explain you that Google before ranking your article checks that you used the words similar to your title/topic or not because this one is the major problem and they don’t ever want’s to show irrelevant results to their users, So we are Humans and sometime forget to mention keywords at the required places or in the Images ALT text so Developers Introduces the SEO Plugins not know better than you, but always works on the Information saved in their Head. 

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin: 

This one is the top used/top ranked WordPress SEO Plugin and helps you, teach you and suggests you where you have to use the keyword and also rate your SEO with different Signs Like Red for Bad SEO, Yellow for Normal SEO and Green for Good or Perfect SEO, So I guaranteed you if you are doing perfect SEO according to this tool then your posts must be at the top and ranked by the Users, After writing complete article this Plugin gives you guidelines what you have to do for making your post Completely SEO Friendly.

How to USE Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin ? 

It is very easy to use this Plugin, here is a screenshot of Yoast Plugin that how it will show on each post you write at the Below section.

best seo plugins for wordpress

Snippest Review: 

It will shows you how your post actually looks like on the Search Engines.

Focus Keyword Tool: 

You have to put your primary keyword on this field, it means which one you want’s to use target the user.

SEO Title Tab: 

This one is the main title of your post which will show on the search engine and it will also be different from the post title inside your website, but that’s not considered as good SEO.

Meta Description: 

This one is for the summary of your post which will also show below the title of your post on the search engines, you must have to target both keyword here primary or secondary, for getting more traffic.

Page Analysis: 

This field will shows you which one mistakes done by you or which good job done by you, so you would also able to change the settings in your post according to this tool for better SEO.

This one is the best and most used WordPress SEO Plugin both for the new and for the experienced people for better SEO or having chances for the best posts on the Internet, Whatever I hope you like this Information Let us know your views in the comments, we are glad to hear from you.

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