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Install and Update TWRP recovery through TWRP Official App


You may be aware of the news that in the last month of December 2016, TWRP has released its official application file of TWRP. If you are in touch with the current android flow of news then you also must know that this file is available on the Google Play Store also. And with your surprise it is absolutely free.

As we know, TWRP Recovery is a type of custom recovery, which is useful in performing the tasks of flashing or installing custom ROMs, keeping all android backups, flashable zip files, wipe, Factory restore, etc.

TWRP recovery install is a very simple process, which is used to flash ROMs along with files of flashable zip. This does not need any technical background of the person or deep knowledge of flash custom ROMs. It is easy to use and available everywhere. Perhaps this is the reason why most users like TWRP recovery, despite the availability of CWM recovery, one of the oldest recovery tools. TWRP has acquired the popularity due to its handy use and easy customization.

Although the new official application of TWRP is a fresh experiment for all android users and many of them wish to try this TWRP recovery and also want TWRP recovery install on their gadgets. But the problem here arises is that they don’t know the process through which they may get TWRP recovery to be installed in their phone. Some of them may know, but still they want to confirm about the same.

So, here we have brought to you the most important guidelines about Updating and Installing TWRP recovery through TWRP official APK site.

Note: The present TWRP application is available to flash images in internal storage only.

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Let’s Start..

  • The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to go to the official website and link and download official TWRP recovery android application from the above link, if you have not done yet.

twrp recovery android

  • The second step is when the installation process gets completed, then open up the application file that you have installed. After opening it, enable root access if it asks you.

twrp recovery download

  • When you will open it, you will come across a number of device names from which you have to find out yours one and select it.

twrp recovery mode

  • When you will select your device, every available TWRP recovery image version of your gadget will appear there on in a list.

android twrp recovery

  • You may catch the latest version and download the same in your internal storage space.
  • When the downloading process gets completed, go back to the application, select the file to flash, select the file of image, and after all these, tap upon the flash.
  • When you will tap on the flash, flashing will start and you are all set to use this new TWRP recovery APK.

If you have any further queries, feel free to ask here!

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