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Innovation Wristed: Best Android Wear Apps for Sony Smart watch

Android Wear is routing towards a lofty path just after its launch. High-tech companies initiated for fitness wearable in market. Sony is significant with its innovative Sony SmartWatch 3. 

Cached with distinctive features of built-in GPS and Music player supportive to Bluetooth earphones, topped up with voice control to search, text and ask for weather updates, the Wearable device have much more to offer.

Need apps for Sony Smart Watch3, grasp the Android Wear from Google play, support your phone with your smart watch and you are good to explore huge amount of apps available.

 Here is Best Android Wear Apps for Sony Smart Watch 3 :  

LifeLog (Free)

Lifelog is a colorful and perceptive virtual assistant that can provide information of communication, entertainment, life goals, and physical activities. It even monitors progress and reports you. The app is 3.7star rated with highest positive comments.

Smart Watch Activation (Free)

This app is innovated to make user totally hands free for using Smartphone and SmartWatch. Activated voice commands for phone to launch an app by motion activation. This app is 4 stars rated on Google play and can count in best android Wear app for Sony SmartWatch3.

Notify for SmartWatch 

This is another best android wear app for Sony SmartWatch 3. It is very useful pro app that notifies Sony SmartWatch 3 with all social media notifications by full content. Its 4star rated in Google app with highest positive reviews.

Google Camera (Free)

It is an official camera shutter app for Sony SmartWatch 3. Access shutter controls up to 10 meters of distance. Adjustable basic camera settings such as zoom and flash are available to mark best android wear app for Sony SmartWatch 3. 

Smart Extension for Facebook (Free)

It’s a certified Sony Facebook app for your Sony Smart Accessory. It requires a smart connect with dedicated app installed in your Smartphone or tablet. 4star rated app is free to access.

Smart Connect (Free)

This app is a substitute for LiveWare manager; it helps you to decide single or multiple actions for your SmartWatch with easy access to information and device options.

Informer for SmartWatch (Free)

This app is another milestone in marking best android Wear app for Sony SmartWatch 3. It conveys instant chat messages from different chat heads like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Hangouts, Google+ and so on. It’s a smart way to stay informed about your ongoing conversations. App is 4stars rated.

Calendar for SmartWatch 

The state-of-the-art compatibility and hi-tech visuals of calendar features premium quality with detail view. Themes are available in black and white. App is rated with 3.8stars and positively reviewed by users.

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