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How to increase Jio Speed after 1GB [GUIDE]

Remove Jio 1GB limit bypass Jio 4GB data limit, Reliance Jio 4G Trick, getting 4G speed after 4GB/1GB cap solution, avoiding speed capping in new year- all these are the points, which we are dealing with in this article.
As we all are aware and already using free Jio SIM with unlimited 4G internet connection and other benefits, it is one more expectation of almost all of us that how to increase Jio Speed after 1GB/4GB.
Nowadays you are getting only 128 Kbps speed in your internet connection, which is slower than 2G also. After the latest Happy New Year offer, you are now able to enjoy 120GB/30GB free 4G internet till 31st March.
Here we have brought to you a fresh and exclusive process for you all for the above solution. These are some steps following which you can increase your daily limit and access your free internet Jio.
  • Step 1: Settings > mobile networks> click on JioSim> create new access point
  • Step 2: enter your profile name
  • Step 3: enter your APN, i.e. JIONET
  • Step 4: now enter your APN Type: Default
  • Step 5: enter proxy- along with Port – 80
  • Step 6: server is
You can leave other options and save only this settings and then restart your phone. After doing this, connect your data with this profile and enjoy your unlimited Reliance Jio 1GB limit bypass as this Jio 4GB limit trick will give you full internet connection.

Jio 1GB Limit Bypass using VPN

This is one another method which will increase your speed and bypass the daily limit of internet data.
  • Step 1: first you need to download the VPN possessing Germany or USA server
  • Step 2: now connect your data with Jionet APN
  • Step 3: after this, connect your VPN to Germany or USA server.
  • Step 4: and yes, you are done!! You will soon see the change of speed in your unlimited data pack with 4G Speed.
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Get some Speed capping tricks by Reliance Jio 4G with My Jio App

This is the same process as earlier one. This process can be done with My Jio app.

  • Step 1: first step is to delete or uninstall all the Jio apps.
  • Step 2: after that download and install old version of My Jio app.
  • Step 3: open this My Jio app and install all other Jio apps.
  • Step 4: turn off data connection and then open My Jio app
  • Step 5: click on the option “Get JioSim”
  • Step 6: after this, turn on your data and you will get the message “Congratulations you activated your preview offer”
  • Step 7: go back.
  • Step 8: click on Skip Login or Sign up button
  • Step 9: and here you are done!!

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