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HTC One M9 & M8 Tips and Tricks || ViralTricks

HTC One M9 is one of Best Smartphones released in 2015 and liked by most of the Android users, It have almost all the features that comes in Android OS. The HTC smartphone users may know all the features and tricks of their phone but today I am going to share some hidden tricks of HTC One M8 & M9 with you that you might not use Before.


Remove BlinkFeed Feature : 

Some people do not like the BlinkFeed feature comes in this Smartphone and don’t now where to turn it off, So if ou want’s to turn off this feature simply tap on your Home Screen on a Blank space and a Pop-Up will appear Manage Home Screen pages, Now simply jump to he BlinkFeed page and check the remove option which can be found at the lower right corner, Yeah you are done.

Do Not Disturb : 

Sometime it is very hard to receive the incoming calls or replying texts received from your mate, So you can activate the Do Not Disturb feature in your phone easily for not getting any disturbance while you are in a meeting or date with your crush, You may able to find this feature from Settings or you are also easily able to turn the feature ON-OFF.

TV Remote Feature : 

Your HTC One M series also comes with TV Remote Feature so you are able to control your TV with this feature and it works on probably all providers TV, Simply Open the TV App from your phone and setup your remote according to your TV Company and then enjoy irritating your brothers/sisters. 

Customize LED Notifications : 

Most of the Smartphones comes with the LED Notifications but the light color settled by the providers and you are not able to change the Color of LED Notifier but in HTC One M8 or M9 you are able to change the color of Notifications Light easily by just visiting the Settings>Display and Gestures>Notifications Light, There you are able to customize the LED Notifications.

These are some of the best HTC One M series Tips and Tricks that every user should need to know, Whatever if you know any other tips and tricks related to HTC One M8 Or M9 then shoot here with your Comment, We are glad to hear from you.

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