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Taking Screenshot from your Android devices can give you existing experience while you are searching a way to share what’s on your device’s screen with others. Taking Screenshot on android is almost similar as like as snapshot. 

But the major difference is that you can do it without using any apps or camera. So, how to take screenshot on android device that you own ? Taking screenshot on android device is a very simple task.  Here, I will provide you the easiest way to take screenshot on different android devices. Image of Taking Screenshot on Android Phones General rules  : Although different devices maintain different rules to take a screenshot on android, we may define a general rules which will be valid for most of the android smartphones. Generally, it involves pressing two buttons i.e. volume down button or home button and the power key button, at the same time. 

Most of the android devices follow this rule, although some are different. Some devices have screenshot taking option on the power button. Just long press the power button, then you will find it with Power off and Airplane mode. You can take screenshot from your Galaxy Note series by using S Pen. 

Also you can take it in most of the high-end Samsung phones by swiping the screen with side of palm. 
How to Take Screenshot on a Android Devices : 
Screenshot By Using HTC Devices : You need to press the Home and the Power buttons to take screenshot from HTC devices. At first press the power button and then tap the Home button quickly. Then your android phone screen will flash, and you will hear a sound. Also, you will get a pop-up message that will confirm your screenshot.
Screenshot By Latest Sony Xperia Devices : To take screenshot with Sony Xperia Devices, you will have to press Volume Down and Power Menu buttons simultaneously. You will get a notification concerning your screenshot that will make sure the screenshot. There’s also an alternate choice. But I recommended this method, because this is the most easiest way to take screenshot from Xperia.
Screenshot By Using Samsung Devices : According to the method of taking screenshot, we can divide Samsung device into four categories : With physical Home button.Without physical Home button. With S Pen devices.With hand motions support devices.
With physical Home button: You can take screenshot from these devices by pressing Home and Power button simultaneously. You will press this two buttons until the sides of the screen flash and hearing the camera shutter sound.

Without physical Home button: Some Samsung devices don’t have any physical home button. So, you need to press Power button and Volume down for 1-3 second, and then your device will take screenshot

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