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How to recover Gmail account : ViralTricks

Gmail is a famous online based E-mail platform in the world. Actually, lots of people can use the amazing features that come with Gmail such as Email account, Google Drive, The Calendar, and YouTube and so on. If the hacker gets access to your Gmail account, what you do? I am going to guide you that how to recover Gmail account easily.

how to recover gmail account

Google Account Recovery:
  • Go to Google’s Account Recovery page
  • Select, I don’t know my password option
  • Follow the instructions shown

In order to recover your Gmail account using this form, you must need a specific recovery email address or phone number. 
If you fail to recover your information, you just check the address in the browser’s title bar and searching for the browsing’s history for “inbox” or “Gmail” to reveal your email address.

Best ways to recover a Gmail password  :
In general, there are lots of ways available to secure your Gmail account from hacking. All you need to do is to use a strong password with a combination of alphabets, numbers, symbols and enabling 2-step verification. Here’s the step to do when your Gmail account is hacked,

how to rcover gmail accoint

  • Visit the Google account login page and click on “Need help?” link.

  • The above link redirects you to the Google Account Recovery page. Now, select the “I don’t know my password” option and enter your Gmail ID and then click “continue”.

  • Now you may see a captcha form, you just fill it and click “continue” button. On the next page, you can enter the last password that you keep in mind and click “continue” or “I don’t know” option.

  • Now, the Google offers the password reset option. This option only works if you forget your Gmail account password. But when it is hacked, you just use the “Verify your identity” option to recover the password.

  • Once you click “Verify your identity” option, the page takes you to an account verification process. You have to check your account by answering many questions about your account.

  • Google suggests you to answer the questions as correctly as possible and if you are not sure you can give your best guess.
  • If Google asks the exact date you started using services, you click “Skip these questions”.
If you’re given information matches with the information on Google account, then you will be able to recover your Gmail account as much as possible. 

Steps to recover your Gmail account manually

In these days, people are using a lot of passwords to keep track of several various accounts. If you have forgotten your Gmail passwords, you just follow these simple options to recover your account in different ways as easy as possible.

  • Visit the account recovery page on Google
  • Filling out the password recovery questionnaire
  • Use any password recovery programs such as web browser pass view, Nirsoft website, etc.

However, there are several options available to recover the Gmail account. Whatever the option you can use, the most important thing is providing accurate information on the Google account while following steps then only you will be able to reset the password.  

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