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How to Rank a Keyword Using SEO Techniques 2016

Ranking your website on the specific keywords with high or medium competition is very hard due to increase in the webmasters and Blogs but the new people don’t know the SEO useful techniques behind posting daily quality content on their blogs, Sure content is a king but after posting the quality content on your website you also need to apply some Official SEO techniques for better results or ranking your website on specific keywords, here’s how to rank a keyword using SEO Techniques.

Seo techniques 2016

Social Signals:

In 2016 Social Signals are also very important if you are trying to rank your website or blog on a specific keyword simply collect the Links of top Social Media Websites with High Google page rank and after posting quality content on your Blog also shoot your post links with complete description title and categories on the High PR Social media websites i will surely drag your page on the Google top page.

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Behind posting on social media websites there are also thousand of High PR Forums available on the internet for off-page marketing and also provides the Do-follow links to the official blogs so go and find some great forums like XDA, Stackoverflow for the technology blogs and link your posts there because getting backlinks from these kind of forums are better than the 100 fake backlinks from Low PR Websites.

Blog Commenting:

It is also very important for ranking your Blog at the top page but most of the people don’t know the procedure and continuosly injecting links on the related blogs but only 10% of them gets approval from the Blog Admins because it looks like scamming.

If you need your posts at the top page of Google then simply search for the topic of your post and open the Blogs/Websites one by one and must read the name of the owner and after getting the theme of his/her article post your comment in the legal way with heart touching words if you really need a good backlink from them Like “Great work Joy it really helps me in off page SEO marketing also have a look on mine strategies” and provide your link below your comment will surely get approval from the admin.

In this method you are able to get backlinks from High PR Dofollow Blogs and i think its very good for ranking your posts on the specific keywords by getting Do-follow links from High PR Blogs instead of getting fake backlinks from Low ranked blogs, Hope you understand.

High Quality Content:

Most of the people thinks that posting more posts on their blogs will drag more traffic to their blog but the reality is i already told you content is a king and Google is very intelligent don’t try to scam with them.

If you wants to get ranked your blog on the keyword but Google already have thousand of websites on the same keyword then don’t think your website won’t appear at top, keep in mind Google is trying to provide best results to their users So if you are providing high qality content than the blogs already ranked on that keyword then they will grab your website at top without any other efforts, So don’t try to provide quantity always try to provide Quality or High quality.

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