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Android has evenly transformed the mobile industry to a great market share today. Making money from mobile apps usually requires one to be innovative and strategic in order to be successful. These are some useful tips and suggestions to take note of before creating an Android app and focusing on how to make money from android apps. 

How To Make Money From Android Apps |

Affordable and Easy-to-use Android Apps : The best android apps should be easy to use. Today Angry Birds is the best-selling mobile game app because of the fact that it is very easy to play. Though the successful mobile apps are not that expensive, you need to determine the right price for your app in order to make it affordable and useful

Add AdSense To Your Mobile App :

You can add AdSense to your Android app in order to make money. You need to create an account at AdMob for doing this. AdMob is the mobile version of AdSense. You do not have to create a new account, but use the existing AdSense Account by going to AdMob, signing in with your AdSense Gmail Account and registering with AdMob.

Publish Your App in the Android Market : 

Publishing your app in the android market will help you make money with direct advertisers. You need to manually contact any advertiser to advertise in your app. You will get good stats only if your app is published in the market, so that you can show stats to advertisers from your Market Account.

Put Direct Ads : 

To put Direct Ads, simply add the banner and the URL of the advertiser. 
Go to Advertisement Section of your app in the ibuildapp .
 instead of AdMob option .
click HTML option. 
It appears right at the top of your headlines with a blue out-going arrow that further helps the click through rate.

App Development Strategy This is the most challenging part to deal with while creating a successful Android app.  You should focus on the highest degree of efficiency and productivity, and adopt an agile development style. 

So, if you are creating an Android mobile game, then you need to make use of some available game engines so as to save the extra time it will take you to code a similar engine.

Test your App Before releasing : 

Test your app extensively for any technical challenges that might discredit your app and find errors and debug them. You can also have a small number of people to use the app and give their feedback. Your app should be well-polished and organized before getting released in to the app market.

Submission to Google :

For Review Submitting your app to Google for review is done through Google Play Store, the official Android app market. This approach ensures that all apps at the Google Play Store are of great quality and malicious in nature. It will also enable you to access a wide user base as it is the biggest market for Android apps.

Effective Marketing Campaign :

Effective marketing campaign involves buying advertisement space online by buying advertisement on Google, as this will afford you a great audience. You can buy the keywords table, reservation and app, if your app is about table reservations. You can also use social media platforms if your app depends on location or demography.

Effective Strategy To Monetize your App : 

You can make money from apps either by selling them at a fixed price or by offering a free version but with paid advertisements. While setting a price for your app, you need to pass a message that the app is of high-quality and that is why, you have priced it. This is the most effective strategy for apps that are likely to be used by many people. 

Implement In-game Ads : 

Using in-game ads is the best way to monetize on Android. These ads run whenever you play games. On iOS the Angry Birds sell their apps to customers for 69p each; but on Android, their apps are free on the Play Store.Build profitable applications and monetary models by finding the best models for your app and start earning big with these tips and suggestions.

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