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How to Get More Views on Youtube [Guide]

This is frequently asked question by most of the video publishers or beginners that how to get more views on youtube videos ? because every video publisher wants to become famous on the internet and many people have become well-know because of their youtube videos or channels and earning thousands of dollars from their videos by putting the Google Ads on their videos, so most of the beginners wants to earn money from their videos but not able to get the more video views even they have quality content so here are some best tips for increasing your youtube video views .

Use Most Searched Titles : 

Always used the attractive and most searched titles in your videos like use “how to kiss a girl tips” instead of “kiss girl” and always provide the best description as you can by using the attractive words and describe the whole video in 3,4 lines for the ease of the viewer.

Use Best Video Tags: 

Also select the best possible keywords from your title or description and put all them in tags by separating them with commas for getting more traffic on your videos because sometime user only search with to the point keywords that you must have to put in your tags and grab that user easily.

Share Videos on Social Media:

This is the best way for getting more viewers on your videos by sharing on other platforms wisely, Share the uploaded video as soon as possible on the other networks by the sharing buttons given by the youtube for getting more people to watch your content and for increasing your importance.

Use Blogs or Websites for Promotion:

If you wants to create a successful channel on video sharing websites then you must have one official blog or website with the name of the video sharing channel,because it is easy to get readers on blogs or websites instead directly there so if you don’t have a blog or website,Create it today not matter make free blog on Blogger or buy domain and hosting from Godaddy and start sharing your capture their with unique keywords.

If you don’t know how to create a website or Blog,not a big issue,simply open other famous websites where the content present according to your channel and start sharing your videos links in the comments, because related link commenting also considered the big way for getting more traffic as we also done in the start of our website promotion.

Increase Your Subscribers: 

This is not very difficuilt to increase subscribers as people frequently asked “how to get more subscribers on youtube” whatever Simply ask to your viewers in the description and also please them that subscribe with us for the latest updates so it all depends upon your content if they thinks that your updated tutorial is able to watch then they fastly subscribe with you,because there is no cost of subscription there, LOL! 

These are some tips for the questions “how to get more views on youtube” Hope it will helps you alot in your promotion, Let us know your views in the comments.

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