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How to Fix Errors [ Guide ]

Facing Problem with Google Android ? Here we are with how to fix Errors

You may be struggling with Google’s Android platform due to some uncommon errors, which we generally do not face in normal life. If you are facing these kind of issues, you are at right place. In this article we’ll give you the best solution to fix “” issue.
You may face two similar errors in this Both issues are related to each other, but the flavor is changed. Two types of pop up come either “ has stopped unexpectedly” or “Unfortunately the process has stopped” so as I have mentioned here, the problem is same, but the flavor is changed.

Now let’s start with our problem and find the solution for that.

You can follow the following steps to resolve this issue.


Clear the Cache :

First of all, go to the settings, then application and clear the cache over there. The question here arises is,of which app you need to clear the cache? So here, you should know that those apps that create problems when you launch or you have been experience issues for those apps, which give you an error when you try to launch them, they need to be cleared.


Google Play Services :

In this step you need to delete all Google Play Services data. It won’t affect your system. You can do it simply by going to App section, Go to setting >> Google Play Services and you can easily find that option here.


App preferences :

In this step you can change the preference of your apps. For this go to setting page section and then Apps. Here, you will find all the options. In this method no data loss will happen, simply reset the setting of your apps. This method is easier and safer rather than the other ones.
Above mentioned methods are working well on these types of issue, so if you feel that you are encountering with these type of issues, you may apply these method to resolve the issue and your life will go smoothly with Google Android.   Enjoy the journey!


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