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How to find Best keywords for your Blogs and websites

How to find Best keywords for your Blogs and websites

If you are newbies in  Blogging world  then I am very sure that it is very hard to learn the greatest keywords for doing work on your blogs and sometime it is also the vital reason that you are not updating your blog site day-to-day infact you have much time for your blog site, I hope that after reading this article you could not need to get in a panic again for finding the good keywords for publishing on your blogs.

How to find Best keywords for your Blogs and websites

What are the best keywords? 

Best keywords means  which are mostly searched on the net According to your blog niche and are not temporary means some keywords are just limited and people searched for such keywords only for short time and after that limit your hardwork , absolutely worthless. For example If a person  are waiting for the new Apple iphone six and absolutely everyone will lookup on the Internet for its release day but following launching that model nobody will search once more for its launch day since it is presently available in the marketplace so those people variety of keywords are only practical for someday and not extremely useful in increasing your blog traffic. On the other hand if a person is looking for “how to take care of iphone errors” and you are doing work on these form of key terms or rated your website on these type of keywords then you will get very good traffic on it untill the apple iphone will end in this world, So often try to target the long time keywords and get the job done hard for obtaining rank on these form of keywords for great visitors and page rank also.

How to find Best keywords for your Blogs and websites

How to find best keywords?

We hope now you know what are the best and  long term keywords, It is not extremely difficult to discover the greatest keywords for your posts just come across the leading blogs associated to your Niche and check out them regularly for acquiring the useful keywords. Now I am going to guide you that how to  find the related blogs.

Go to your blog and simply copy the title of your any blogs posts and paste it on the Google search bar and you will found thousand of results. Now you need to Open the 1st Blog and check the best/latest/most visited posts and find the best keywords, This method is personally used by many bloggers and they got much keywords which are very helpful and beneficial for there blogs.

How to find Best keywords for your Blogs and websites

Use google keyword tool

Behind the above techniques you are also able to obtain the Most effective and most searched keywords  from Google Keyword planner if you are qualified on it. As you know that you are also able to target the countries by using Google Keyword tool. For example take any favourite keywords you would like to use then paste it into the google search term planner search bar and simply click on the keyword strategies it will displays you thousand of similar searches with your search Like if you are looking for Top rated Blogs on Google search term Planner it may display you the keywords for example “top five blogs” “top technology blogs”  etc, means you are simply able to get the related keywords for  more posts.

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