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How to download instagram photos

Today, a lot of internet users start using social media networks like instagram to share their thoughts, photos, videos, and links with the online friends. Instagram is actually a very popular social media platform having billion of daily users across the world. Most of the online users are regular users of instagram for both their personal and commercial benefits. The individuals who are using this social media website for personal use can make use of it to share photos, videos, and their feelings with others. If they are the commercial instagram users, they usually use this platform to share images, videos, and information related to their product or service.

how to download instagram photos

Using instagram platform:

Most of the internet users have a regular habit of using instagram website in a daily manner. Some of them are very interested in sharing photos and videos to get maximum numbers of likes on Instagram platform. Some of those social media users have been very exciting in viewing posts of other instagram users to learn something new and special. 

Now days, it is the latest trend of using such social media networks on the mobile phones than the computers. With the huge demand for the mobile instagram usage, there is a legit and well designed instagram app on the App Store. The users can just download and install it on your mobile device to frequently get updates on this social media. 

Downloading photos from instagram:
Many persons would like to download instagram photos on PC or their mobile devices. Copying of instagram photos will be very simple through these steps.

  • The users have to go to the instaport or frostbox website on your computer.

  • Then, login with your instagram platform credentials.

  • Choose all photos or only selected photos as per your requirements.

  • Save such selected images to your personal computer.

  • If you also wish to have them on your mobile phone, connect your smart phone or any other mobile device to your computer using the USB cable. Then, copy all necessary image files to your mobile.
  • Save those downloaded photos in the instagram folder in your photos/gallery.

In these steps, frostbox and instaport are instagram backup sites which will save the photos, videos, and all posts of this social media platform. Such websites have been continuously saving every photo of the instagram for the backup benefits of the users. Thus, it is a simple way to open these backup platforms to get instagram images.
Other than these instagram backup websites, you can just directly download the photos from the site by following these steps.

  • Go to the website.
  • Login with your personal instagram account information

  • It basically allows you to access the personal photo stream from the computer to make it simple to save the photos.
  • Then, you need to find the images you want to download.

  • Navigate to the image you wish to save.
  • After that, save the photos to your PC or mobile. 

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