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Have great pleasure in cool whatsapp tricks

WhatsApp is an extensively used messaging application in the modern days. This communication platform can be used in both mobile and computer devices. It is the most used and best application for mobile users. The application is convenient to make use of in all kinds of operating systems. If you have internet connection, you can send and receive unlimited messages to anyone in the globe. 

whatsapp tricks

The message can be of any type like text, video and even more. People will often search for whatsapp tricks on internet. Every day new kinds of tricks are launched in the market as per the request from the users. Make use of the extensive tricks to know about astonishing features about whatsapp. 

How to crash other’s whatsapp by sending bunches of smileys?

Using this method, you can easily collapse anyone’s whatsapp instantly. It is considered to the best whatsapp tricks in the present days. You have to send unlimited characters to any receiver and it will crash the application quickly. Using the following steps, you can easily crash anyone’s application in a short time. 

  • The attacker need to type around unlimited smileys to someone’s whatsapp for crashing the app. You can simply copy and paste the smileys repeatedly.

  • Now, you have to send these smileys to the victim’s whatsapp mobile. When the victim tries to open your whatsapp, it will crash the device immediately.
  • Your expectations get succeeded as because victim cannot open unlimited packets in his mobile. The victim cannot handle the mobile as it stops the responsibility in high rage. 

Steps to make use of whatsapp without number

1.      First, you need to uninstall your whatsapp application from your phone.
2.      At this moment, you have to download the whatsapp again from the play store and then install it in your mobile. It is considered to be the foremost step for using whatsapp without number.
3.      You have to open your whatsapp application and then add your mobile number into it. If you facilitate flight mode in your phone, the app cannot convey the note to it server. In this stage, you have to prefer any optional method for verifying your mobile number.
4.      Now, you have to select Check through SMS option and then penetrate any active email address. You need to click send knob and then immediately get on cancel button. This kind of practice will end the authorization process.
5.      You have to install Spoof Messages apps in your phone as it is the major progression of this calm trick. Now, go to outbox and fake the memo details of Spoofer app and send it to false verification.
6.      Make use of this information to: +447900347295 from + (country code) (your mobile number) Message: Your Email address. You have to use this same information in your false message.
7.      After the completion of above process, you will receive a message to your spoofed number and so you can send messages to your friends with the use of this number. 

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