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Enable USB Debugging, OEM Unlock and Developer Options on Android Device

Here, we have brought to you the simplest way to learn how to enable USB Debugging, OEM Unlock and Developer Options on your Android phone.
Nowadays, there are certain words, which come across to our ears often such as “Open Source”, “Freedom to modify” etc. since the birth of Linux. As we know that Android has come from the roots of Linux only, it has obviously received some inherited fame, popularity of Linux in comparison to other smart phones.
The main feature of this new comer Android, which is liked the most by the people is its flexibility to modify this device and redistribute it as we like. Another feature of Developer Options is also the topping of the cake in Android phones. This is the first step of your freedom to modify your device in your own way, which you will hardly find in other OS.

Enable Developer Options

As we already know, Developer Options are the stepping stones to customize and modify your device. It has many options available for you such as how many processes you want your CPU to handle, the main functions of embedded GPU etc.
It is completely dependent upon your own Android device version for enabling developer options.
If you are using Jellybean or any other higher, than following are the steps through which you may enable your developer options.


  • Go to Settings > About Phone.
  • Here you will get certain options like the model name of the phone, the kernel version of manufacturer, build Number etc.
  • Tap on Build number 4 to 7 times> then a pop up flash will tell you “Developer Options Enabled”.
  • Now go back and you will find the Developer Option in your list.
  • Tap on the Developer Options and turn it “On”.

enable developer

Enable USB Debugging

Many of us have surprise and curiosity about this option since the inception of first Android and the simplest clarification for that is it is merely a first step or doorway to ADB utility. ADB is the strongest tool to fix your phone or customize it with custom ROMs, Scripts, kernels etc. if you are customizing your phone, then you must have to enable USB Debugging.

To enable USB Debugging follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Developer Options (which you recently have enabled)
  2. Tap on the USB Debugging options. (If your developer options are disabled then you won’t find this option. Hence enable it first)
  3. Connect your Android with PC.
  4. A status bar pop up will flash, tap on the same “always enable”.
  5. Now you have enabled your USB Debugging and you can now access the phone through ADB.

debbuging enable

Enable OEM Unlock :

OEM Unlock was a foreign, unknown term for all of us until the new version of Android 5.0 Lollipop introduced it. Actually, it is the main key to lock and unlock the boot loader of the device. It requires to be unlocked for the Modding through Kernels, flashing ROMs, etc. Every phone does not have this feature, so here is the way to enable OEM Unlock.
  1. Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  2. Now find out OEM Unlock option in the same.
  3. Tap here and then you will be able to access the boot loader.

unlock oem

Here, you have reached now at the stage where you can access your device to unlock the boot loader via ADB along with Fastboot commands.

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