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Download and Update Lineage OS Xperia Z (Yuga ROM)

LINEAGE OS: You want freedom without any restriction, here you go LINEAGE OS. No need to install Google application for the use of Lineage OS. It is Android Open source project and you can use it without any obligation. Many android developers put their efforts and contribute a lot to make it compatible with many hardwares.

Before Starting Update Lineage OS Xperia Z :

Read below mentioned points to continue with your custom ROM (flashing)

Step 1: Put necessary drivers for this task, install usb drivers for xperia z in your PC.

Step 2: Backup all your data, for backup purpose you may use application like sms backup app for sms/mms backup or you may use application backup app for backup your all application as well as data.

Step 3: Fully charge your device before you begin. Minimum requirement to charge your battery is 70 to 80 percent.

Step 4: Enable USB Debugging mode, for this go to Setting> About> Build number, press 3 to 4 times and now go back to setting option, you will find Developer option. Click on Developer option and click on USB Debugging.

Note: These Custom Rom is empty, which means there is no App installed in it. Therefore you have to manually install all apps, including Google apps.

TWRP Recovery :

Below are the steps to show how to flash custom lineage OS ROM using TWRP Recovery

Xperia Z update using Lineage OS Android version 7.1.1 with TWRP Recovery.

  • Download Lineage OS ROM, from here you can download LINEAGE OS ROM and Gapps for your Lineage OS.
  • Now start TWRP Recovery, boot your android phone into TWRP.
  • Main menu to TWRP select the option “Wipe” and do a “Swipe to Factory Reset”.

Note: This will reset your phone in factory setting. If your lineage OS custom ROM doesn’t need a factory reset than skip this option.

xperia z lineageos

  • Again in the main menu of TWRP, click on “install” and choose the Lineage OS and the file that you transferred to your device in step 1 (Gapps for your Lineage OS).
  • Select “Swipe to Confirm Flash” after the selecting file .zip and you will see your Lineage OS custom ROM installation proceeding on the bottom of screen. This may take a little time.

xperia lineageos

  • After installation of custom ROM, select “wipe cache/Dalvik” option and do “Wipe to Wipe” on your screen.
  • When this process gets finished select the “Back” tab on screen and choose “Reboot System “option”
  • Congratulation your Lineage OS Custom ROM has been installed.
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Following links and files are required to upgrade your Xperia Z with Lineage OS custom ROM





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