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Download and Install DJ Studio 5 Direct link [APK]

Since the smartphones become a part of the people’s life, they are able to do many things as they want. The main thing about this smartphone is it makes people’s life more comfortable than the earlier days. To give the people more power to explore different things, the smartphones application developers are introducing various applications in the market. The dj studio 5 is one of the outstanding mobile applications which are being used by many disc jockeys and common individuals today. Those who are having the android smartphones can download this application from the Google play store and they can make their smartphone into a powerful DJ device.


Unlike the previous versions, the dj studio 5 is completely free and hence the user can explore all the features without the need of pay anything. There will not be any limitations as well as watermark. Therefore the user can mix the audios and use if anywhere they want. The advertisements will be major issues in many applications. But in the case of this dj application, there is no advertisement. Thus the person can use the application without any disturbances. Likewise there are updates in this version of dj studio.

There are many features by which the user can do different things in the application and also it has very user friendly interface therefore anyone can use this application easily. Generally the interface of dj studio 5 will have one or two decks and it will be included with the tools that are needed to manipulate the audio. The tools such as loop creators, BPM adjusters and volume sliders will be there and the person can use them as he wants. To begin the mixing, the user has to load the music on the decks and after he can mix them.

Each deck in the mixer will be having three band equalizers. In the same way, there will be 8 different sound effects and they are 3D, Gate, Reverb, Flanger, Bit crusher, Phaser, Flipping Double and brake. Since there are 7 different skins, the person can customize their decks with anyone of them. The pre-cueing can be listened through the Y-cable or headphones. If the person is using the application for the first time, then he can use the auto mix feature to mix the music. 

This will be very helpful for them to mix their favourite music in their playlist and also the person can use the sample pads if they want.

Most of the people may want to share their mixes with their friends and also on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Those people can easily share their works on such platforms and also they can share that on the SoundCloud. This dj studio 5 is also supported on the Nexus device. The minimum OS requirement to use this application is Android 2.3 and it can also be installed in all the updated versions. Therefore those who are interested in the dj works can use this application and get the fun experience. 

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