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Download and Install Clash Royale 1.1.1 apk for Android Device

The number of smartphone games is increasing day by day and people are very much interested in downloading and playing those games. As they are very much fascinated in playing games, the developers are implementing various things in the games and make it more interesting. 

In that way, a new game called Clash Royale has been launched in the market and it is available for Android and iOS devices. But it has been released in only few countries and the developer team has assured that the worldwide release will be in the month of March 2016.


The Clash Royale is also a battle game in which the player has to collect different cards in the game. Those cards can be used to attack the opponent’s towers. By doing this, the number of cards will be increased and also the player can move to the further levels. 

Those who have the curiosity on action games will like this game since it allows them to battle against number of enemies. The game has received good response from the people in the countries where the games has been released.

Most of the people have given reviews about the game in the online sites and they have mentioned that the game has many similarities of Clash of Clans. But the developer team is opposing such feedback and they have given a statement like the game is not related with Clash of clans and it is completely different from that. Likewise there are many controversies going on about the game. 

However those who are interested in playing the game can download the Clash Royale 1.1.1 apk for Android on many online sites. But it is very important that the players must download the game from a trusted site. Otherwise their device may have to deal with malware attacks.

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Clash Royale 1.1.1 apk (playstore)

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