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Download 9 incredible free apps to your mobile

Android apps are the most wonderful asset of mobile world. Apps made the lives of people to be an easy and simple. Everyone can do all kinds of vital operations with the use of advanced mobile applications. Thousands of apps are available in the internet market. In that, choosing the right one is really a challenging task. Here are 9 free apps you should download right now to enhance the use of your mobile. Everyone can download these apps at free of charge and it is really functional and practical. 

download 9 incredible free apps to your mobile

List of immediate using apps :

ü  Lux Lite
ü  Fleksy Keyboard
ü  Inbox
ü  WiFi Automatic
ü  QR & Barcode Scanner
ü  LastPass
ü  ES File Explorer

ü  Pushbullet 

     Attractive functions and features of apps

Improve your lives with use of remarkable mobile apps. Experienced developers created the apps to ease the life of people in high range. Here are 9 free apps you should download right now to have fun with it. Searching for free apps that you love is really an awesome task. You have to thankful for the app developers for the apps wonderful features.

Lux Lite : Download
Lux Lite assists the user to darken the screen brightness during night time. It is really to make use of its handy control in the notification area. It will set the brightness of your screen in an automatic way.

Fleksy Keyboard : Download
The Fleksy Keyboard is really an efficient and colourful app. Users can get more convenience due to gesture controls. Several free plugins enhance functions of Fleksy even improved. With the use of this keyboard, you can increase the speed of texting like a champion. Everyone will amaze about its cursor that ever found in Android apps.

QR & Barcode Scanner : Download
With the use of this app, everyone can see the world with dissimilar eyes. There is no need any permission to make use of this app. You can know more about supermarkets and magazines related information with the help of QR scanner app.
WiFi Automatic : Download
It will disable the WiFi when it is not in use. Thus, it saves the battery life of your Smartphone in high range. It also helps you to enable WiFi in certain locations in an easy way.

Inbox : Download
This app is measured to be an email revolution. It is the most powerful and useful app in the Android store. Collect and pin important mails as per your desires. It will denote the unopened mails with the use of highlights and so users can enjoy the pleasure of using it.

LastPass : Download
It is really tough to remember the login information about unending list of sites. This LastPass free app will save and secure all your passwords and take care of you effectively.

ES File Explorer : Download
Search for your files and uninstall apps easily and completely. It eases the efforts of searching files that stored on your mobile device. A clean uninstall is the most effective function of this application.

IFTTT :  Download
It functions as an automation app and so you will not miss any calls at anymore in home. It brings your mobile from silent mode when you enter your home. It will remind you about your working time and it will not allow your battery to decline.

Pushbullet : Download
Pushbullet helps the user to interconnect the mobile network that ever before. It joins your Smartphone to other mobile devices and computer in an extraordinary manner. You can know about complete history of messages in other devices. 

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