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Different ways to update your Android Smartphone and tablet

Android Smartphone and tablets are emerging to a new trend in the recent days. Diverse kinds of technical features and models are come into the market. Software and apps ease your efforts and time in high range. With the use of android devices, you can attain your needs in a short time. More numbers of useful applications are available in the android store and you can download it at free of charge. Android is an open platform and so you have to update the software in a frequent manner. 

different ways to updae your android smartphone

It is really important that you have to perform android update to enjoy the features effectively. There are more numbers of effective ways are available to update your android devices. In that case, you can choose the best way as per your desires. 

Steps to update your android mobile :
Before updating android, you have to check the version of running platform. Then you have to take back up of your photos and contacts. 

Steer to the setting menu of your mobile device. Even you can make use of setting app or notification bar.

 Android Smartphone

Now you have to scroll down into the settings menu and then click about tablet or about phone option. 

android update

If the mobile views tabbed menu, you can see about tablet option in the general section. 

android update

The menu may differ from one mobile to another and so you can click the software update option in the device. In this section, you can know about the android version of your mobile. 

android update

After that, your phone will look for available update and then process to another menu. Now, you have to choose the update button instantly.   

android update

You can update your desired choices and your mobile will install the new software and reboot it.

Make your Android devices better

New kinds of android features and updates are released frequently. Updates are done based on the type and version of the mobile. Make use of Wi-Fi connection for android update as it takes larger space. 

You should not leave any software to become out of date as it will not function properly. It is really important that you have to update your android version and apps as it will help you to make use of latest features effectively. 

ü  Connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi connection and then go to the settings icon in your device.
ü  Tap the setting icon for entering into settings. In the left pan, you have to scroll down the settings menu and then choose the about device option.
ü  It will display the present information about your tablet and android version. After that, you have to choose software update option.
ü  Now, you can update the platform and software for updating to its latest version. The available updates will be displayed in the screen and so you can choose the desired one as per your personal wish. 

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