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How to Create Xiaomi Cloud and Local backup Easily [Guide]

Freely you can create cloud and local backup

Hey MIUI fans! Here I have come up with some new tips to learn about to create complete phone backup without rooting or storing it either in a cloud backup server or as a local backup. Along with this, you may also transfer the local backup to another MIUI device quite easily.
As we all know, it is very important task to create backup of your data, which is stored in the phone that every Android user has to pass through this process. There are so many possibilities of bricking or damaging the device. For this reason, backup is the best solution for which, there are many apps that may help you.
Fortunately, Xiaomi has developed in built backup feature as one of the coolest feature. In addition to this, you also can choose your storage space either locally or online in Xiaomi Cloud servers.

Steps to Create ONLINE BACKUP :

  •  Using phone number or Email address signup for a MI Account Free
  • Now Log in to your newly created MI Account and make sure that Cloud service is activated on your account.
  • Next phase setup a cloud backup service on your MIUI device, for this go to Settings.
  • Setting >> Mi Account >> Mi Cloud >> Backup Device now turn ON this MI Cloud Backup service.


cloud backup
Now your MIUI will send full backup of your phone to cloud server automatically, whenever your device is connected to the WIFI network.


If you want to restore you data backup through MI Cloud server follow the following steps

  • Login to your MI Account.
  •  Go to Setting>>MI Account>>MI Cloud>>Restore from backup.
  • Choose the backup you have created for same device and tap on “Restore using this backup”
  • Wait for few minutes and your restore process will be completed.

Note: Make sure you have proper internet connection.

Steps to create Local backup :

This backup system helps you when you don’t have internet connection. It is good option that you create yourbackup locally. Following steps will guide you how to restore your MIUI phones with local backup.
  • Go to Setting >> Additional Settings >> Backup and Reset>> Local Backups >> and tap on the Backup button for restore.
  • Enjoy some snacks till process is completed.

xiaomi backup


  • Connect your phone with computer via USB.
  • Open your file Explorer app on MIUI
  • Navigate to following path
MIUI >> Backup >> Allbackup
  • Go to the folder where your file is saved >now select that file
  • Now transfer your backup to computer via USB and you can also use MI Mover app for this purpose.
  • That’s all. Credits to Vincentkhoo, a super moderator of MIUI community.


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