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Convert the PSP games and play it through PPSSPP

People always prefer games as their favourite entertainment factor because it allows them to do many things which are not possible in the real life. Today, the gaming industry is introducing lot of games with excellent graphical and animation features. The main objective of those games is to give the realistic experience to the player. To play such kind of games, the players must possess the suitable device.

There are different gaming devices nowadays and the playstation portable (PSP) is one among the familiar devices. Generally people would love to play the PSP games since it will be very exhilarating.

An Emulator for playing portably :

Many of the people will not have the Playstation portable but they will be interested in playing the games available in it. It may be impossible in the earlier device but now they are able to play those games in any device. PPSSPP is an open source emulator which is available and it allows the players to run their favourite PSP games on the devices they wish. Generally an emulator is a program which enables a system to behave like another system by including the duplicate functionalities. Likewise this tool will replicate all the features that are present in the PSP.

Therefore the player can experience the real feel of playing the PSP games. This free source supports various functions such as dynamic recompilation, states saving and ad hoc wireless networking.

This tool utilizes the FFmpeg software library to decode the multimedia data available in the PSP. Similar to the original PSP, the PPSSPP user will also have the capabilities such as image scaling, linear filtering, antialiasing, high resolution and etc.

In the same way, the tool will provide some additional features on the basis of the operating system in the device. For instance, the android users can have the immersive mode whereas the Symbian users will have few multimedia buttons.

Emulator’s installation procedures for
android :

Generally the emulator is available in two different versions such as gold version and blue version. In the blue version, the player will be having ads while using the emulator but in the gold version the ads will be avoided. While using the gold version, the user has to give donation in the way of supporting the developers but the blue version is completely free.

There will not be any difference in terms of features and other functionalities. The emulator is available in the Google play store itself and hence the user can download it easily.

The installation method of PPSSPP is very simple and hence anyone can easily install it. The following are the procedures:

  • Go to the Googleplay store.
  • Enter PPSSPP in the search box.
  • Choose either gold or blue version.
  • Once it is loaded tap on the install button.
  • Now the emulator will be downloaded and installed.

Likewise the emulator can be easily installed in the android devices.

PSP games for android :


PSP GAMESThe PSP games cannot be played directly on the android devices. It has to be converted into compatible format initially and then only it can be launched in the user’s device. Generally the playstation games will be available in the disc and hence the user must convert that into ISO file.

This can be performed by using the custom firmware which is available in the PSP itself. The user can simply insert the game disc into the PSP and convert it. Once the file is generated, the user has to copy that to the computer.

After that, he can connect the android device with the computer and copy the ISO file to the device storage. Now he can easily access the game file in his device. After all these processes, the user has to launch the PPSSPP emulator and select the game from the storage space. Likewise the user can play the PSP game in the android device.

Some of the android users may not be comfortable with these methods. Those people can directly go online and download the ISO files available in many sites. This will be very convenient and the user does not have to do all these processes.

But it is not sure that the user can find all his favourite games in the online. Therefore it is better to convert the original PSP games into ISO files. But this is not possible with all the PSP games and some of them cannot be converted as the player wants.

Therefore he has to confirm whether the game he has chosen can be converted for the android device. Some of the compatible PSP games for android are given below.

  1. Soul Calibur PSP
  2. Assassins creed bloodlines
  3. Lord of Arcana
  4. Dungeon Siege
  5. TNA Impact 2010
  6. Naruto Shippudein Kizuna Drive

These are the top rated PSP games which can be converted and played in the android devices. Like these games, many other games are also compatible for the conversion but the user has to find those games by surfing in the internet.

Apart from the Googleplay store, the PPSSPP – PSP emulator can be downloaded from other external online sources. Most of the people will be searching for this emulator online but they have to ensure whether they are downloading it from the trusted site. If they are choosing a fake site and get the emulator there are many chances for the malware attack and it may even corrupt the entire operating system of the device.

Therefore it is recommended that the android users must prefer the reliable sites only. If they are not able to find any trusted site, then they can simply download it from the Google play store itself.

By downloading it from the play store, they do not have to worry about the malware attack and also the reliability of the emulator.

Hence it is always better to download the PSP emulator from the play store. Instead of going to external sites, they can easily get the emulator from a trusted place.

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