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Chances are likely to ban Whatsapp in India

Though there are plenty of instant messaging applications, Whatsapp is being the most popular and preferred application. Every smart phone users will have this application in their mobile. 


The major thing which makes everyone to use Whatsapp is its features. The users are able to share image, audio, video and documents through this exceptional mobile application. 

Since the number of Whatsapp users is increasing day by day, the application gets many updates and lot of essential and useful features are being added to Whatsapp. In that way, the application has got an effective feature to make sure the security of data shared between two users.

End to End encryption :

The new update in the application is End to End encryption. This is mainly intended to give utmost security to the users in sharing anything with others. Hence the message you send to your friend cannot be viewed by anybody else. 

Even if a person uses a hacking tool to crack the security system, he cannot do that and take any of your personal data. Since this feature gives greatest security, the Whatsapp users have welcomed this feature and they are very much happy and satisfied about their data protection.

Drawback :

Even if is very useful for the Whatsapp users, there is a major drawback in this feature. Since the messages cannot be encrypted by any third parties, the criminals and terrorists can use Whatsapp for sharing their information. No one can crack and get to know about those data. This is being a serious threatening for many countries which are trying to demolish terrorism. In fact, government of various countries have condemned Whatsapp for introducing this high end encryption option. Moreover many governments have banned Whatsapp in their country. This is being a very big issue in the recent days.

Protest against Whatsapp :

Brazil has completed banned Whatsapp and even arrested one of the officials for not providing the chat report related with a drug case. Following to that, India is also thinking of prohibiting Whatsapp. An activist named Sudhir Yadav has filed a petition against Whatsapp and he mentioned that whatsapp’s new feature will be a very big threatening for the country’s security. 

He filed the complaint in the Supreme Court as a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). Actually he expressed his complaints to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology but the authorities have not responded for his statements.

Hence he came to this decision and filed a petition in the court. His complaint is coming for hearing on June 29. In the petition he mentioned an important thing that Whatsapp is the main source which is being used to spread unwanted rumours in Jammu and Kashmir and create many issues in the place. 

He also added a statement that this end to end encryption cannot even cracked by any security agencies therefore it will be a useful option for the criminals to share information without any concern about police interception. Likewise he has mentioned so many things in the petition therefore theWhatsapp users are looking forward for the court’s judgement .

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