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Millions of students studying in thousands of colleges and Universities in all over the world and each and every student will need a computer but much of the options makes them confused, Students always demand the best Gadgets according to their needs and budgets so we are here for suggesting you the Cheap Laptops for Students. So,which the best Laptop to get ? Some schools require their students to have a windows-based laptop, to clear the software and App issues as much as possible, Many universities suggest their students to have a core 2 duo laptops for better internet browsing or for running all the Softwares and Apps easily, so here is the List of Best Laptops for Students.

best laptops for college students

Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch :  

It comes with 15 inches of screen that have the retina Display which is never founded before on any Laptop, The new 15-inch MacBook reached with Intel’s 4th generation core processor for better experience, it comes with 16GB of Ram and 256GB Storage Memory, It also have Nvidia GT 750M Graphics for better quality or for the gamers.  

Apple promised extra time of battery on MacBook pro 15 inches,In our personal test Apple MacBook Lasts after 8 Hours of use, In this test i continuously surf the internet at 40 percent Brightness which is enough for you.

HP ZBook 14 :

HP Zbook 14 is best for the business man’s as well as students with the power to call itself a mobile workstation, It comes with intel Core i7 processor along with Monster 16GB Of a Ram having 240GB Hard Drive and also contains dedicated graphics chip for getting better video result and also helps in Gaming. In our personal test this device lasted 7 Hours,which involves the continuously web surfing on the Brightness of 40 percent,Most of the users mention that its battery timing is too high while browsing on the internet.

Lenovo Think Pad T440s :

Lenovo Thinkpads are best for the users who done some serious works on their machines,this 14 inches Laptop offers more colors Density, Better Performance, Long life battery, 1080 touch screen and much more features with officially windows 8 installed in it.In our test done in Lab, this Laptop lasted 6 hours with the use of internet on 40% Brightness and the batteries are also removable you are able to exchange your battery with the big one which also have the better timing as compared to the old one.

Dell Inspiron 15 7537 : 

The Dell Inspiron this model comes with aluminium design,15 inches 1080o Display, core i7 Processor,and Nvidia Graphics which makes video result more sensitive and also helps in running high defination games.The Inspiron 17 7537 lasted 6 hours and 13 minutes on the use of the internet on 40% Brightness which is enough for surfing internet.

Toshiba Chromebook (13 inches) :

This Laptop comes with best colors and 13 inches screen enough for watching videos or reading articles from internet or one’s got slides from College with Long Battery Life, It comes with 1,4Ghz Intel Celeron 2955u Processor and contains 2GB of Ram. There is a Chrome OS running on the Chromebook, the main interface of the laptop only contains icons in the lower right and left corners, Mainly this OS is reliable for the people who works on internet and always connects with the internet.

Company Claims that the battery timing of this time is about 9 hours because the Laptop contains the 4 Cells, After filling the 100% charging you are able to watch videos till 8 hours continuously with 40-45% Brightness that is enough for watching movie or any video. These are the Best Cheap Laptops For College Students , Let us know your views about this article in the Comments.

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