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How to Backup Your Android phone Without Root [FULL GUIDE]

These days we speak how to backup your android smartphone with out rooting your device. We all keep our important contacts, pictures, and statistics on our android device that we don’t want to lost however what happened in case you misplaced or damage your android device ? You can still get that in case you take a backup first. Having a backup of your android device is very helpful.

It keeps all of your statistics, contacts, media and sms secure. In case you ever lost or harm your phone you may without problems repair your data in case you take a backup first. It will recommended you that backup folder in your computer or backup your android device in cloud storage . There are many ways to create a backup, and right here we will teach you the way to create full backup of your android device without rooting your device .

Steps to Back Up Your Android Device :


1) Backup your Contacts and Calendar :

The first-rate manner to take backup of your contact is to export all contacts to sd card and later save it on your computer or cloud. For that open your touch app, press menu and select ‘import/export’ and choose ‘export to storage’. Your contact can be saved on your device sd card in ‘VcF’ format after clicking it on export.

backup your sync contact

Some other (recommended) method to backup your contacts is to store it on google. If you not already saved your contact to gmail, visit setting menu of your contacts and choose ‘import from storage’. Select your ‘.Vcf’ file and saved it your GMAIL. After that, your all contacts will sync automatically each time you sign into your google account. You may also sync manually by choosing setting – account – google. Choose your account and click on sync now from a menu or you may sync individual. It will also backup and sync your gmail, calendar and google+ accounts.


2) Backup your SMS :

Each android lovers used sms service on their device. If you need to keep your sms safe, this app will help you. It’s going to restore every single sms you send or receive. Now open the app and click ‘backup’. The backup will create locally on your device; you can also save it to cloud or computer to restore in future. To restore simply click on ‘restore’ and it will restore your sms. Note – if you don’t see any messages after restore disables the messaging app from setting and re-allow it.


3) Backup your Photos :

Taking a backup of your camera photos is quite simple with the help of google photos app. Photos a fantastically prepared gallery app that automatically make a backup of your photos. All you want to do is open the app and switch on auto backup and sync option and it will backup your pictures on google drive. Every other opportunity to taking backup of your pix in android device is photobucket app.

backup your android apps

4) Backup your Apps :

You can take batch backup of all of your apps with app backup and restore. It only backup apk of your apps, no longer data. In case you need to backup your apk with data you need a root access. You can easily backup and restore your apps on easily . This android app will automatically backup your newly installed app and alao has an option to save your device backup to sd card

steps to backup all in one backups

5) Complete All in One Backup :

Both you could take backup of your android smartphone in my opinion with above guide, or you will use backup tool like easy backup and restore. This app will help you backup your android phone on your device sd card, google drive, dropbox.

This is the complete steps to backup your android device. Those also are a few different methods to take full back up of your android phone, but the choice is yours. tell us to realize which backup method you pick by comment below.

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