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Backup Your Android Apps and Data with Titanium Backup[FULL GUIDE]

We already talk a way to take backup of your contacts, pics, sms and apps without rooting your devicd and those steps also works on rooted android device. However the question is why we need another backup app for our phone? First in non-rooted phones, you can’t backup apps with data, and you need to restore apps manually one after the other in non-rooted smartphones. In case you need to keep your apps and data safe if the anything happens on your device, or if you flash custom roms often or if you change your devices you want an app like Titanium backup.

It’s Will backup your android apps with data. You can also take backup of system apps and data, however it is able to cause troubles so not advise it. You want a rooted android phone to use titanium backup. First backup your data and save the backup folder on your sd card or computer. To restore you need to download titanium backup app from play store or just install it in case you already save it to sd card. So guys today we talk the way to backup your android apps and data with titanium backup, how to restore android apps and data and steps to setup titanium backup.
Read this first :

  • You must have busy box installed and USB debugging enabled in your android device.
  • This Android app works on the Rooted android phones only so ,If you not already rooted your phone, you can check our easy method : How to root an android phone.
  • If you don’t need to root your device and still want to backup your device, then you can check this method How to Backup Your Android phone without root.
  • Titanium backup folder is at the root of internal storage. Save it on PC for safe side.

Steps to Backup Your Android Apps and data with Titanium backup :

1) First Download and install the app from play store and It’ll prompt for root access so, grant it.

2) After that step granting SuperSu permission, the app will check for system settings. It will show you the Main screen(Overview) once it checked that you have BusyBox installed and USB debugging enabled.

3) setup your backup location by selecting ‘Preferences’ from the main menu. You can Select your backup location; also, you can backup your phone data on the cloud. It has 3 options for cloud storage Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.

titanium app bakcup

4) Now you can see in the image You have 2 options to take backup. First backup an app individually or backup all apps at once. To backup a single app go to ‘Backup/Restore’ option click on the app and click backup. It will backup your app.


5) After that you can see Batch operation move to the ‘Batch’ option from Main Menu. With the batch backup, you can backup all user apps, all system apps (not recommended) and all user apps with data in a single click. Also, the app has an option to backup all newly installed apps and latest version of the apps.

6) For Batch operation click on ‘Run’ button next to Backup all user apps or you can select any guide method from the list. It will show all your apps when you click on Run button.

7) Now select all apps and click on green right sign that located on the right corner. It will start the backup process as soon as you click on green tick.

android backup

8) This proccess will take some time to backup all apps so you can minimize the app. This app will notify you when backup completed. So this is the method for backing up your Android apps and data with titanium backup.

titanium backup

Steps to Restore your Apps with Titanium backup :

1) To restoring your first time, you have to select the Titanium backup folder location from Preferences.

2) after that go to the batch menu you by going to Menu : Batch or navigate to Backup/Restore screen if you want to restore single app.

easy way to backup

3) Now in app Batch menu you can see many options to restore your apps like restore all user apps, restore all system apps or .The option is your what you want to restore.

4) For Batch operation click on ‘Run’ button next to Restore all user apps with data and click on the green tick on the next screen.

android backup

5) The process will start, and it will restore all your apps with data, restore game progress, and you found all your apps as before when you created the backup.

Image source : Stechguide


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