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Android new version N 7.0 Features and Release date

Anticipation towards the new version of Android operating system .Though there are many operating systems used in the smartphones, most of the people prefer the phones which are having Android operating system. It is because of the friendly user interface and plenty of attractive features.


Also when compared to other operating system, the android is having millions of applications. This is also an important factor why people are choosing android rather than others. The current version of the android operating system is Marshmallow. As the previous versions, it also received good response from the people end. Even the cyanogenmod has also been developed for this version.

The company Google is in the development of the next version and it was named as Android N 7.0. Generally the names of the android operating system will be chosen from the food items and the company has followed the same thing for the newer version also. In a recent speech at Delhi University, the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai has suggested the name of the Indian sweet and also has asked for the public opinion through an online poll. As the company is named the new version as Android N, there are many names like Nutella, Nougat, Nectar and Noodle spreading on the internet virally. 

But there is no official information about the name of the new version. Also there are some rumours going on in the internet about the features of the operating system. It has stated that the new version will be having impressive features like Multi-window and etc. The release date of this Android N 7.0 is not also yet finalised officially. Many online sources are saying that the company Google may release the operating system in the month of May 2016. However the people are very much excited about the new version and they are eagerly anticipating the features that are going to be present in the edition. 

Source : Android Developer blog

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