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Android marshmallow – a significant world’s dominant OS

Every year, Google is updating the new version of the Android operating system. The latest version is Android marshmallow that offers a great improvement with its advanced feature. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow is a recent version of the Android mobile operating system which was invented in 2015. This Android OS is mainly focused on enhancing the overall user experience as well as new permissions architecture to the users such as a new power management system, new APIs for contextual assistants and minimize the background activity. This OS has an ability to transfer data to a MicroSD card and allows the user to use it as a primary storage as well as other internal changes.

Android Marshmallow
The latest version of Marshmallow can make the big changes and turns to explore the world how useful and personal Android can be. The Google has added several new features in Android 6.0 and it’s hidden inside the operating system deeply. Even this OS does not have a significant update and the new version is more complete than the previous one with a number of applications. However, this Android 6.0 version is like a cohesive operating system which could be very easy and comfortable to use. 

Great new features in marshmallow Android OS
Over the years, the Google has maintained its top position because of its creativity, uniqueness and innovation in the technology. In the Marshmallow Android OS, there are plenty of different things are included as great features. Let you see below,

Lock screen :
The Android Marshmallow’s lock screen has bolder text that is easier to glance over to see the tome and notification panel. This lock screen is improved with drop-down access to check the quick settings. If you set up a pattern unlocks or pass code, there is an emergency handy button to unlock, if you are in a difficult situation.

Enhanced copy and paste option :
Google has fixed the copy and paste feature in marshmallow that is very easy to use. If you have installed Google Translate, the copy and paste settings have an ability to translate the text instantly.

Enlightening settings menu :

Google has updated the settings menu just a little bit more with every new version of Android. In the marshmallow, it has a new memory management menu that helps to check how much RAM device is using.

Now on Tap feature :

It is one of the best features in marshmallow. This API captures what you are seeing on screen and produces relevant search results in a matter. Within a minute, you just hold down the home button to engage it. 

USB Type- C :
This feature allows the user to charge much faster than conventional cables. The Android Marshmallow is future proofed with built in USB Type-C support, so it can take advantage of your smart phone as long as for the connection.

System UI Tuner
The System UI Tuner is one of the greatest features in the Android Marshmallow OS. It allows the user to add a battery percentage to the system tray and also include other things by cutting and pasting text on the status bar.

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