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A smart way to make 10 dollars a day online with no investment

Users of the Internet and advanced mobile applications seek ideas to make online money.  They have a crush on simple yet safe ways to make money from the comfort of their home. They can fulfil their wishes when they have chosen Bluestack software. If you are willing to become rich easily, then you have to make money online safely. Listen to the following details and make a good decision .

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Bluestack software : 

You have to download Bluestack software from the official website and install it on your computer. The next step is to select the best VPN. OkayFreedom VPN is the best option these days. Once you have downloaded this VPN, you have to install it.

It is the right time to set-up your Bluestack application by using a valid email address and password. You have to install the first app, namely Gift Wallet. 

Choose any country IP :

You can connect your VPN to a USA IP. Once you have done it, choose the apps that provide the maximum coins. You have to download these apps and maximize coins in your account.  You will be happy to redeem these coins in different portals such as Amazon and Paypal .

You can change your IP to any other country when there is no more offer.  You have to do this again. This simple approach supports you to enhance your wealth without difficulty. Many people prefer this approach and make money happily.
You may have a doubt about how to scale your efforts for receiving coins. You can install an ideal virtual machine and let Bluestack to run on it.  Even though you do not have any technical skills online, you can take advantage of this method now and make online money successfully.

Step to make 10 dollars a day online with no investment :

  • The next step is to select the best VPN. 
  • OkayFreedom VPN is the best option these days.
  • Download link

  • Now run Bluestack. Next, you have to set up bluestack. 
  • Just enter your email address and password of an existing email or you can also create a new one.
  • After that Click search, enter Gift Wallet.
  • Install the first application that appears. It’s name will be Gift Wallet. 

  • Connect VPN to a USA IP.
  • Browse through different offers. Download the apps which offer the most coins.
  • payout : 3$ via Amazon Gift card
  • 10$ PayPal

     If you have earned 2501 coins, you are eligible for a payout

    Remember one thing If there are no more offers left, change your IP to UK. You will see more offers. Finish them. Then switch to Germany.

    payment proof : 

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