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8 Best onpage seo techniques About How To Write a blog

On SEO Guidelines Writing articles in the Blogs is the most important factor of SEO but working without the proper way is just like wasting of time or developing useless content which might be kicked by Google Crawlers and refused to index, Writing Aticles on a Blog or writing essay in the exam is same process but in both situations you have to convience other people with your writing skills, Sure there are also some policies of writing on the Blog so today i am writing this article for teaching you how to write perfect articles for your blog which were user or Google Friendly and Liked by both of them, Here’s how to write a blog perfectly or search engine friendly.

How to Write a Blog Post Perfectly ? 

If you have much knowledge about the topic on which you are running a blog but you don’t know how to convenience people with your writing skills then you will never be a successful Blogger but if you know the techniques to convenience people with your writing and don’t have much knowledge but satisfying people then you are very near to your success, whatever here are some best techniques to apply while writing articles for getting more users and fans, After reading these techniques you may feel big change in your Blogging.

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Write Introduction Paragraph: 

First Paragraph must be the introduction paragraph and written with full concentrate because search engines mostly read the first paragraph of your post and if found helpful then index fastly your posts and sometimes if your 1st paragraph is more helpful for describing the whole post then search engines show your first paragraph instead of description at search engine results.

This is also very important for your readers to understand which kind of content they read in your whole post like someone said  “First Impression is the Last Impression”, If people found your first paragraph very attractive the they will read your whole post and vote you. 

Divide Articles into Short Paragraphs: 

This is also very important for your users or Search engine robots too because if you write the whole article in one paragraph then user will not able to read the whole article or search engine robots also not able to recognize the main topic of your post so always divide articles into short paragraphs for better reading and professional effect. 

For Example: If your books consists on only one chapter then you will never able to read the whole book, So always try to divide articles with different suitable headings.

Always Use Headings For Better Effect: 

This is also very important both for your SEO or for your readers because reading without headings or navigations is very teasing process and search engine only rank the posts which contains proper navigations or headings for the ease of users or Search engine Robots. Suppose this article is present here without headings then you would already leave our Blog, Yes this is very important to use Headings during your post.Best Tip: Use different keywords according to your post in headings for better Rank on Google.

Highlight the Main Keywords or Important Words: 

This is not very important factor in SEO but found very helpful for your readers and also ranking your website for specific keywords, Highlighting words means Bold or italic Option present in your writing panel for better eye effect or highlighting the specific keywords found very helpful for good ranking in search results.

Write Attractive Content along with Tips: 

Some people publish short articles on their blogs like Android Tips, iOS Tips also present on my Blog for fast visitors but it is common sense that if you write short articles in few lines then Your Bounce rate will increase and you will never able to get good rank in Google Search results.Along with smart tricks and tips always write some unique and helpful content for your users no matter on which topic but behind decreasing your Bounce Rate it will also increase your sight in people or Search Engines View, Hope you understand mine point.

Minimum Words for Articles/Wallpapers Blog Posts: 

If you have technology website or any other information Blog means articles blog then your each post must contains 500 words and apply all the techniques listed here then you will get your posts at the top search results guaranteed.

If you have wallpapers website or Blog, your work is not just uploading wallapapers with attractive titles, Behind attractive titles and description you also need to write atleast 200 words for each wallpaper for describing the image, I guaranteed these kind of 10 wallpaper posts will get more users than your 100 wallpaper posts (contains only images).

Don’t USE Much Keywords in Posts: 

Some people thinks and teached by people/Plugins that Using too much keywords in their posts will grab their posts at top search results, If you are doing this too then keep in min this is against the SEO rules and called as “Keyword Stuffing” and considered Black Hat SEO is applied on your Blog, If you are using this technique then keep in mind behind loosing the Rank Google Panda will also able to send your website/Blog in the Scammers List and will never warns You.

The natural method is you are able to use 3% keywords in your posts For Example: In 500 words articles you are able to use 15 Different keywords but if you use more than this limit then its very dangerous for your efforts.


These are some Best techniques we also use while writing articles for people and having better results than the older techniques and let people to save your website in their Bookmarks bar for visiting again and after reading this article Hope I will get some place in your Bookmark Bar, If having any questions let us know in the comments we are Glad to hear from you.

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