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6 Advantages of Using WordPress for Blogging | ViralTricks

There are several different blogging technologies available to new bloggers today, but WordPress is by far the most popular.  If you’re just blogging for fun you might consider signing up for free self-hosted blogging with or, but if you’re looking to run a blog as a business, you probably are best self-hosting WordPress.  

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You can download WordPress for free at  You’ll find a basic set of instructions for installing it as well as the more detailed instructions.  Generally, the basic install works just fine.  Most hosts today provide what are called one-click WordPress installs.  Basically, this means your host has a way to simply allow you to specifiy a few settings and then does all the installation for you.If you’re considering setting up WordPress.

Here are some of the advantages, in my opinion, of this great software:

1.  Plugins : 

WordPress provides a number of free plugins you can download from that allow you to extend the functionality of your blog.  One of the goals of this blog is to share some of the helpful plugins I come across to further enhance your blog.

2.  Themes :

If you’re looking for a cool design, you’ll find several free WordPress themes at as well.  It’s an enormous library that will probably suite your tastes just fine.  For more advanced bloggers, or blogging businesses, I recommend purchasing a professional or premium theme from a company like WooThemes.

3.  Ease of Use :

As a non-techie, I can appreciate basic WordPress functionality is easy to use.  If you’re looking to self-publish content or upload an image, you’ll do just fine.  As long as you’re not planning to do any customizations (and you don’t really need to), WordPress works great! 

4.  Pages : 

WordPress is great in that it allows you to create pages for your domain or website.  I look at this like you can have a blog, but it can also exist with several pages that allows you to tell readers about your blog, or provide other information.  I’ve created a Social Technology Glossary for your reading pleasure as one of my pages.

5.  Comment Management :

The great thing about any blog is the ability for users to generate content and then people discuss it.  The amazing thing about WordPress is the ability for readers to add comments to posts and others reply.  Yes, all blogging platforms provide this feature, but I find the WordPress comment management extremely easy to use.  And yes, you’ll receive some spam comments and WordPress makes it easy to manage these as well through a plugin called Akismet. 

6.  Support : 

If you’re going to run a website or blog, it’s nice to have some help.  As you probably know, most freeware such as WordPress don’t have paid support groups.  But, there is something better.  You can rely on the community of bloggers who already use WordPress to help you. has a user’s forum that provides plenty of tips from bloggers who’ve probably encountered the same problem as you.

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there using WordPress.  What do you think are the advantages of using this blogging software?

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