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5 Easy tips to write a Good Blog post : Super fast speed

At the present world you may feel the importance of writing in different purposes. It can be email typing, writing article, writing a short story, any important documents and so on. But if you struggle to write sentences due to the slow speed of typing, it won’t be helpful for you. 

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Just it would be spending a lot of time than necessity. Moreover, you can’t remind any sentence to type while writing. Nervousness can surround you due to this. To solve these types of problems you need to write fast without having any kind of thinking. There are some more ways to overcome this problem. 

Today we are going to share 5 easy tips to writing fast. Let’s have a lookHow to write fastTips-

Tips 1. Write Fluently: 

To write fast all you need to type very fast. You need not to think about the accuracy of your writing. It is not so important to be grammatically correct. Even it is not a matter of worry if your writing doesn’t make any proper sentences. Your one and only job is to write fast with heart and soul. Never go back to edit or delete any sentence or word. It is not so important to be a perfectionist. If you write as a perfectionist your writing speed will be slower. Make yourself freedom while you writing anything for practice. If it goes rubbish it doesn’t matter. Certainly this messy writing will increase the speed of your writing.

Tips 2 Set Timer: 

You need to continue the first step at least for a week or more regularly. In this stage you will find yourself in a better position than before. Now you can test the speed of your writing. All you need to set a timer. You can set 10 minutes, 20 minutes and so on. For instance you set 10 minutes. After setting the timer you need to type 1o minutes at a stretch. You can test your writing speed by timer setting. Setting the timer will help you to pay attention to your writing. You will be able to concentrate to your writing if you write according to your time. After finishing the writing keep yourself away from your pc for sometimes to be relaxed. There is no doubt about that it is a great way to writing fast.

Tips 3 Writing Outline: 

You can write an outline as a preparation. It is one of the effective ways of writing. Writing outline is nothing but jot down some points related to the topics before starting typing. Suppose you want to write an article, you can point out sub headings of that. Similarly it can be essay writing or others. Here you can jot down some paragraphs to type fluently after starting once. If you perform this job your brain will focus on the topic earlier. So you will be able to concentrate properly. On the other hand you will not be busy to find out the topics during the time of typing. So arrange prepare yourself by gathering all the topics before writing.

Tips 4 Keep yourself away from other works: 

Very often when we type something, we can’t continue this. The reasons are not unknown to us. It can be email checking, finding quotes and so on. These types of activities will slow down the speed of your writing. So to write fast you need to avoid everything related to this during the time of typing. It will help you to write fast. We have earlier mentioned that you need to prepare yourself before writing. Here we have tips for you & that is nothing but to finish your work before start writing.

Tips 5 Find a writing partner: 

If you find a writing partner it can be helpful for you. Your partner can observe the time for you. It will also increase your confidence to write fast if you have a partner. Even your partner can write with you. Your partner can be your friends or others. 

It is not an important issue. Before starting you need to ready some guidelines like how long you write. You partner & you can check each other writing speed and many more. This comparison will give you an extra energy to write fast.

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