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5 Best Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 4

             All You Need To Know About

   “5 Best Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 4”

What is really a “Custom Rom”?

Before getting any information about Best Custom ROMs for android device firstly we should know that what a ‘Stock Rom’ is. So, a Stock Rom is said to be as pure android version which is officially launched by itself only. That is only said to be as Stock Rom. Alternatively, we can also that the default android version of a phone when it is bought is Stock Version.
Now coming back to Custom ROMs for android device, as we all know that android is an Open-Source platform and any developer or knowledgeable person of Android can add or ‘customize’ the soft contents of Default Custom ROMs provided by Google. So as the name suggests these Roms are crafted and optimized by great developers for their devices to make them extra cool!

Need of Custom Roms

  • Extra features and better security and bug fixes.
  • Better optimization
  • And yes, they are mostly free! Free! Free!!!
  • And nowadays most of latest Custom Roms for android device are OTA (Over the Air) means no need of reinstalling whole system.
  • No Bloatwares
  • Better Developer tools and more control on device (such as on hardware like Wi-Fi on mobile).
  • Latest Upgraded android version gets available as Custom Roms which is not available for Stock versions.

Time for Best Custom Roms

CyanogenMod 13 :

Cyanogen is identified as the finest and biggest firm to create and optimize latest Custom Roms for android device of all brands and companies. This was started in 2008 and now it’s a full-fledge company which supports near about 1 Million Android devices throughout the world. Best thing is that they give extra features and amazing look to their creativity like beautiful gestures, theme engines, notification drawers and different Menu Bars also. Best thing is that now its latest version of CyanogenMod 13 is available which is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1.


Paranoid Rom :

Paranoid is also one of most optimized and user reliable Best Custom Roms that are available in market. They got their fame in market due to their service of dynamic features which includes their cool hover notifications feature and dynamic and influential status bars and themes. This Rom is now actually giving a very tough competition to Cyanogen’s Roms. They provide different options like multicolored Settings options and all that which attracts most of naïve users also. That’s the reason that now even Big Brands like Oppo and Nexus are using Paranoid as their official Rom partner for their devices.


Resurrection’s Remix :

It is one of most less vulnerable we can say Rom of all as of its Bug Fixes, which makes it stand out of crowd. This is a sweety that will allow user to customize almost each and everything accordingly. This customization also include Notification bar!! The best is that now its latest update is Marshmallow build.


Omni Rom :

This is basically a startup company developed by ex-Cyanogen Developers. It brings sets of gifts like OmniJWS weather, DSPManager, delta update manager, its inbuilt themes and different stuff like that.
Its best part includes its feature of ‘Omni-Switch’, this actually helps the user and system to switch efficiently among apps and process for better and optimized usage. This Omni Rom is now available online for many branded devices like Sony, HTC, Samsung, Asus and Nexus off course.


MIUI Rom :

Last but not the least of our list if MI’s personalized Rom which is developed by developers of their own company. This Rom is most famous in market because of its very beautiful and interactive UI i.e. User Interface. This brings up features like Mi-Cloud, popup and Child Mode also. Here also user can customize its entire interface and that’s the main attraction for its lovers. This Custom Rom supports most of its old devices also. See Also : Download Best Custom Roms For ONEPLUS 3



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